Chapter 5

The Most Ruthless Hoax of All

The Elite's Violent Global Game of Chess

For centuries, the game of Chess has intrigued and entertained countless people with a fascination that goes beyond the mere challenge of devising cunning strategies for a battle of wits. Its origins trace back to the very roots of our culture and economy, and so it remains a tangible reminder of our social history.

Feudalism, with its strict class system, served as both an inspiration and a model for the game, which visibly depicts in miniature the results of the interplay of some of the major forces which interacted to shape feudal society. The game may very well have been devised by a monarch who had difficulty planning social and military strategies strictly in his head, because the game pieces characterize these various social forces, and have relative values that are in keeping with their counterparts in real life.

No doubt, Chess has assisted many Kings and Queens to plan the management of their realms, but those of us who are not monarchs also stand to benefit greatly from a closer look at the roles both Feudalism, and the game of Chess, have played in the development of our society. Like chess, modern day politics can be described as the carrying out of strategies devised by those in power to maximize their wealth or power.

Manipulation, Intimidation, Violence, Ruthlessness

Never is the elite's manipulation and exploitation of the working class more evident than when they use violence to maintain their dominance. History clearly shows that in peace time, they rule with manipulation, and if even mildly challenged, ...with intimidation. When threatened, they resort to violence and war with little or no hesitation; and when seriously threatened, they readily employ a level of violence that respects absolutely no ethical limitations (e.g., ... Atom bombs, napalm, agent orange, torture, Mai-Lai, the holocaust, ...these are all Chess strategies carried out by the current Western elite).

The police, the FBI, the CIA , and of course the armed forces are all used by the elite as required. Most have been subjected to strict military indoctrination and trained to follow orders without question. Although it is rare when the elite cannot achieve their domestic objectives using peaceful methods such as legislation, police have in the past been encouraged to be heavy handed and even brutal to dissuade the meek and moderates from joining peaceful, and worthy protest actions. Police have frequently used brutal violence to suppress both anti-apartheid and anti-Vietnam demonstrations, in fact, the murders of four Kent State University students by the National Guard bear witness to the level of force sometimes deemed necessary to keep freedom of speech in it's proper place.

When necessary, the media is employed to justify the actions of enforcement groups whose strings may have been pulled to arrest demonstrators by enforcing loitering by-laws or disturbing the peace by-laws. The use of tactics such as these, to impede or hassle groups that protest peacefully against aspects of our society, really defines the boundaries of our freedoms.

Sure there are honest and dedicated editors, politicians, lawyers, judges, cops etc., but they have little impact on the controlling power of the elite minority. Generally, they are tolerated and occasionally placed in the limelight, as it helps to maintain the illusion of a just society. But when anyone appears such as Martin Luther King, who genuinely threatens the status quo, the whole elite community start pulling strings together until the situation is again under control way or another. At times such as these, for a brief period, the democratic pretenses and illusions are cast aside and the true nature, of what passes for a benevolent democracy, is exposed.

In his long reign as head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover not only provided a secret service for the elite, but effectively emasculated many opposition groups by labeling their activities as "Communist inspired and financed". It is worth noting that Lee Harvey Oswald had previously worked for the FBI. Jack Ruby is certainly a matter for speculation.

In previous decades, and especially during the hippie era, it was quite common to frame a victim or organization by planting drugs on the premises either before or during a raid, not only to discredit the individual or the organization, but to provide a pretext to confiscate records or documents for perusal, to learn a group's strategy or plans etc. In cases like Watergate, where the planting of drugs was out of the question, it became necessary to break-in in order to confiscate records.

Furthermore, using infiltrators, both CIA and FBI have controlled the growth and effectiveness of many a legitimate group such as the National Students' Association. In the past, the standard routine to discredit any of the elite's serious critics has simply been to brand them as Communists.

In addition to using the police and FBI to emasculate any support for Socialism or Communism in America, the CIA has been used to achieve the same results abroad. While it began as an Intelligence gathering organization, it did not remain that way very long. In the last 40 years, the world has witnessed an enormous number of political coups, most of which have been instigated and funded by political forces from outside the country. For superpowers, the strategic and economic rewards related to the overthrow of non-sympathetic governments usually far outweigh the inconveniences involved with organizing a coup and installing a puppet government.

Furthermore, the once confidential Doolittle Report made it abundantly clear that any and all tactics and actions necessary to achieve these objectives, were unofficially condoned. Actions to thwart Communism, whether illegal or not, are usually treated as patriotic actions, and for all intents and purposes, normally place the operatives and their actions above the law. Not surprisingly, the CIA covertly engages in the training, arming, and funding of paid mercenaries whose guerrilla activities involve assassinating heads of foreign governments, and acting as hit men (or collectively as death squads) to weed out political opponents, or simply harass and intimidate villagers and their leaders into voting in a particular way or risk future punishment.

When political coups have taken place, history has shown that the elite most often choose military strongmen to assume the role of puppet dictators, mainly because of their natural orientation to brute force as a means of maintaining domination, and because they would most willingly invite the superpower to increase their military support. Consequently, America has allied itself with the world's dictators and monarches because they are notoriously the fiercest advocates for maintaining the supremacy of an economic elite, ...i.e. leaders interested in the perpetuation of Feudalism. Congress meanwhile continues to turn a blind eye to the abundant well-documented proof that the American elite, through the CIA, actively and knowingly initiate programs to destabilize and overthrow unsympathetic foreign governments, whose geographical locations and/or resources are considered strategically or economically valuable.

There is no shortage of documentation showing the CIA's direct interference in the political machinery of countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Iran, Cuba, the Philippines, Honduras, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Panama, Libya, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Haiti, Chile, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc., etc.. In fact, this short list only hints at the extent of American attempts to force Feudalism on the peoples of foreign countries. Invariably, the elite engage in extensive and coordinated misinformation campaigns, both at home and abroad, to justify otherwise unethical foreign policy alliances and activities.

Prior to the advent of better technology, wars used to be directed from strategy rooms safely located deep underground in which were located huge strategy tables. The surface of these tables were covered with geographical maps of the war zones upon which miniature models of ships, tanks, infantry battalions, etc., were moved about, and when necessary, completely removed from the strategy tables in an effort to maintain a visual model of war zone reality to assist in the formulation of ongoing strategies. The parallels with Chess are obvious, especially with regard to the use and expendability of all resources, human or otherwise, at the disposal of the dominant strategists. At the combat level, soldiers caught up in the heroics of war, fight for their very survival seemingly oblivious to ethical and moral realities, or even to the real causes of the war, while in the relative safety of a strategy room, indoctrinated generals exercise power over the pawns at their disposal.

Young men who were considered legally too young to drink alcohol, were conscripted like lambs to the slaughter to risk their lives and die in South-East Asia. About 58,000 U.S. soldiers died in Vietnam. Many of those who didn't make the journey home in a body bag were physically and mentally maimed. Like their counterparts in Feudal days, they stood to gain virtually nothing from either victory or defeat. Most were too young to own anything but a minuscule part of the nation's assets. In fact plenty of war veterans who risked their lives in Vietnam are currently homeless and unemployed. Many finally realized that they had been conscripted not in defense of their own country, but to ensure the future prosperity of the economic elite. Bitter and disillusioned, many took to alcohol and drugs in an effort to drown out the harshness of reality after the war had removed their naivete. Perhaps it was a delayed reaction to the abrupt introduction to war's reality, and their role in it, that explains why more than 50,000 soldiers committed suicide after they returned home!! Broadcasting that fact would have made it much more difficult to recruit or conscript more pawns (suckers) for their next chess battle, so chances are you probably didn't get to hear that shocking statistic.

To add insult to injury, hawkish George Bush picked as his vice-president, Dan Quayle, himself a devoted hawk who had been among those sons of the privileged elite who had strings pulled on their behalf to serve military lip service in the home guard, within rifle shot of fine restaurants and cultural entertainment. This sort of class discrimination is yet another manifestation of the social controls exercised for the benefit of hypocritical economic elite and their families.

With Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles and nuclear submarines, the commanders of our armed forces no longer have to be the lean, mean, fighting machines. Today their stringent indoctrination leave most of them acting like robots. Properly indoctrinated, the militant enforcement arm will detonate a nuclear bomb, fire a nuclear missile, assassinate a foreign leader, or indoctrinate subordinates with the same level of hesitation. None.

We have all honestly laughed, and truly enjoyed the ceaseless MASH TV series, which uses a sanitized version of a war zone as a setting for humor. Unfortunately, due to its longevity, the series gave the viewer not only excellent humor, but a benign concept of war. In reality however, gassing millions of Jews to death, dropping atomic bombs on the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, have like all other war atrocities, become part of the legacy of chess-like strategies used to maintain the dominance of our Western feudal lords. Even more disgustingly, both Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been purposely left untouched by conventional bombing so that the true effects of the atomic bomb could be accurately studied. Facts such as these are kept secret for decades to hide the indefensible strategies of war.

Disguising The Causes Of Wars

While there is a growing awareness among thinking and caring people regarding the futility of war, the economic elite conscript whole countries into war simply to increase their personal wealth and power.

Virtually every war is fought because of economic motives.
However, religion is often used as a smoke screen to conceal the true motives. Look beyond the religious camouflage, and you will invariably find the economic elite fighting over the possession of human and natural resources. The civil war in Ireland provides an excellent example.

To keep wars from appearing like contests for wealth and power, the elite go to elaborate lengths to disguise the real motives, ...usually by camouflaging the war in a flag-draped cloak of patriotism. After all, the elite's economic well-being hinges on their ability to successfully conscript and enlist the working class to die in their service, just as serfs were forced to do in Feudal times.

20 Years Grace to Glorify Atrocities

To minimize the risk of the victims of war learning what the war was really fought for, the elite (through their government functionaries) restrict access to all embarrassing war details by using the supposed "threat to national security" excuse, while spreading whatever misinformation seems most beneficial at the time.

Under present laws, the truth concerning past realities (especially involving war activities) can remain suppressed as "TOP SECRET ...CLASSIFIED INFORMATION" for 20 years or longer. However, we have all seen how the shredding of documents has been used repeatedly to cover the trail of illegal behavior. With that in mind, no one should be too surprised to find that after 20 years, there may remain only shreds of evidence with which to begin deciphering the strategies that have shaped our present reality.

Considering one of the media's main functions is to spread misinformation and suppress other information at strategic times, it makes sense to spend a little time forming one's own opinions about the nature of reality based on the development of events rather than on the media's version of events. The resulting insights can often fit together like puzzle pieces to form pictures of reality that have obviously (in hindsight) been the focus of a cover-up. The use of misinformation and suppressed information that took place during and after World War II may horrify you.

The Perspective of World War II whose "Time Has Come"

There is fortunately or unfortunately a significant and growing collection of evidence pointing to a totally new and shocking explanation of why events of the Second World War occurred as they did. The facts regarding actual battles are not in question. These details have been extremely well documented and retold ad nauseam in books and some TV documentaries. The holocaust too is not in question.

Evidence that has already come to light, however, points to the fact that we may have been seriously deceived with regard to who was secretly allied with whom, and exactly what were the Allies fighting to achieve (i.e., the objectives behind their chess moves). Some of the facts you are about to learn will almost certainly shock you even more than the wealth distribution facts in Chapter 1.
The degree to which we all have been deceived and manipulated by the elite during and since World War II could very easily leave you speechless, angry, or in tears.
Consider the evidence about to be presented and see how it compares with the impressions of the War broadcast through the media on almost a daily basis for more than 40 years.
To begin, let's establish whose power was being threatened, and how.

Threats to Feudalism and Colonialism Prior to the War

With the exception of Russia, monarchs, emperors, and dictators held practically all the power in the world at that time. The major Western powers were all still growing rich from colonial exploitation.

However, the monarchists and Western colonialists "as a group" were facing two serious threats to their continuing domination. When these two threats are properly considered, a perspective of the Second World War emerges that fully explains many puzzling aspects of the War and its aftermath. The first to be examined, was the threat of revolt from those who were being exploited by colonialists.

  1. Russia --- the Emerging Role Model

    While the Russian people (who had overthrown their Feudal Czar only twenty years earlier) posed no immediate military threat to any of the European monarchs, they did pose a very serious ideological threat to the continued domination of Feudalism itself. If Russia grew to be powerful and prosperous, the people of all other nations would be tempted to get rid of their own Feudal rulers. Prior to World War Two, victims of colonial exploitation throughout the world were starting to view the revolution that had occurred in Russia, as a serious way of getting rid of their own colonial masters.

    A task force report prepared for the Trilateral Commission in 1984 entitled Democracy Must Work outlined the necessity of the Western societies to clean up their socioeconomic acts in order to ensure the survival of economic Feudalism. The following quote from that report sheds additional light on the desirability to the Western economic elite, of Russia's 20 million World War II casualties.

    "For a number of decades after the 1917 Revolution the Soviet experiment was seen by many as the wave of the future. It was, therefore, only natural that in the wake of decolonialization following the Second World War many of the new states in Asia and Africa turned toward the Soviet Union for guidance on their socioeconomic development. The Soviet Union was perceived by many in the developing world, and also many theorists in the developed world, as offering a highly relevant and effective model of rapid modernization and industrialization. This greatly enhanced Soviet political influence and gave the Soviet Union added international standing."

    It is no doubt an understatement to say that the West had very good reason to wish for Russia's defeat. The fact that the Germans did not conquer Russia outright probably shocked more than just the German Generals. The ideological threat posed by Communism would have been completely removed had Russia been conquered. As it was, Russia's staggering losses were the next best thing the Monarchists and Colonialists could have hoped for.

    Hence, the greatest long-term threat to the Western elite was Russia, not only for her growing industrial and economic strength even prior to World War Two, but more importantly for her symbolic significance to the 2nd and 3rd World nations.

    Surprisingly, situations developing in the Middle East were proving even more threatening. If you don't readily recall why, there is reason to believe that you were conditioned by the media not to know why! Before explaining that statement, let's consider the threats.

  2. Impending Loss of Control Over the Suez Canal

    To begin with, the Middle East has been an area of strategic concern ever since the Suez Canal was completed in 1869. And while the British had probably not foreseen losing their dominance, the impact of the Russian revolution was most definitely influencing the Arab nations as well. The elite were now seriously considering the possibility that if they ever lost control over the Suez Canal that passage rights would become a formidable bargaining tool for the Egyptians. The possibility also existed that in future, Western traders may have to pay dearly to use the Canal, or be forced to make the long boat journey around the treacherous Southern tip of Africa.

    With the growing demand for Independence among African nations, the prospects of having to defend their African colonial interests was looming menacingly. In that regard, losing canal passage rights would have made it extremely difficult if not impractical, to defend their African holdings, and especially those in East African countries. Worse yet, a closure of the canal would have effectively cut the Western monarchs off from their colonial holdings throughout the Far East as well!!

    In short, the power of the Western elite would have been seriously diminished almost overnight without uninterrupted travel privileges through the Canal. Readers who cannot readily picture the strategic importance of the Suez Canal are encouraged to consult a world globe or an atlas to realize just how crucial it was, and still is, to the Western elite.

    But that was only half the picture.

    The reason that the Suez Canal became such a serious and urgent issue was that the British Concession to manage the Canal was about to expire, and Egyptians were voicing their intention of managing it themselves.

    If worse came to worst, and the Middle Eastern nations followed in Russia's footsteps and succeeded one way or another to expel the Colonialists, the Western elite's use of the Canal would almost certainly have been in jeopardy.

    An equally vital threat to the supremacy and wealth of the Western elite involved oil.

  3. Impending Nationalization of Middle East Oil Fields

    Even prior to World War Two, Western oil barons were extracting great wealth from their oil-rich colonial holdings. They were already well aware that the potential volumes of Middle Eastern oil reserves were conservatively enormous.
    However, the likelihood of the West remaining as friendly allies was being threatened by Egyptian Nationalists calling for an end to colonial occupation. A mild sense of panic was beginning to overtake the Western elite because there was growing support for the Nationalization of oil interests throughout the Middle East. This move of course would have put an end to the West's exploitation of Arab oil.
    The elite knew only too well that oil was inevitably going to bring not only great wealth, but immense power to the Middle Eastern countries. In fact, if Middle East supplies outlasted those in the West, the Arabs could have potentially amassed enough wealth and strategic power to rival or ultimately threaten the supremacy of the West!!

    For those who dared look even 10 or 20 years into the future, the combined power of a United Arab World must have been quite a sobering thought. The problem to be discussed next provided the timing for many of the key chess moves played by the West.

  4. Britain's Mandate to Occupy Palestine was Soon to Expire!

    The situation that no doubt propelled the West into action was the historical fact that Britain's mandate to occupy Palestine was due to expire very shortly (in May of 1948). In other words, when the British removed their occupation troops, the West would no longer have any troops in the Middle East to threaten the Moslem world into accepting colonial exploitation. It was disturbingly clear that the Allies would lack not only a military presence in the area, but even a major Arab ally!

A Brief Recap of the Facts:

Prior to the start of World War II, the Western elite desperately needed two things:
But quiz baby boomers about what threats existed to the Western elite prior to the war, and you may grow old, before the issue of Middle Eastern oil, the Suez Canal, or even Russia ever emerges from their consciousness. Awareness of these issues appears now to have been purposely suppressed as an integral part of Allied war strategy. The full reason why suppressing these facts was so important will soon become self-evident.

Ruthless Chess Moves in the Middle East

You are about to be presented with undeniable evidence to indicate that the Second World War was initiated by the Western elite to deal with these increasingly urgent problems. The evidence overwhelmingly indicates that the invasion of Palestine was a premeditated plan by the Allies not just to CREATE a much needed permanent ally in the Middle East, but more importantly to create a location to establish a permanent military base from which to ensure the continued use of the Canal as well as protection for their colonial oil interests in other adjacent countries like Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

I would ask those readers who are tempted to label this view as anti-Semitic, to withhold any such pre-judgment at this point. Not only will the facts speak for themselves, the anti-Semitic issue will be dealt with very shortly.

The Invasion of Palestine

The first outward manifestation of a play for Palestine formally surfaced on August 13 1945, when the World Zionist Congress demanded admission of 1 million Jews to Palestine. It should be remembered that at this point, the war had ended, the Germans had surrendered, and concentration camps of all descriptions had been emptied. Europe was filled with people whose possessions had been completely destroyed and who were forced to start all over again from nothing. Many even had to clear away the rubble to get to that state. However, the Jews who later emigrated from all over the globe to settle in Palestine had not been born in Palestine, nor had their fathers or their fathers' fathers. In fact, Jews have as much claim to Palestinian property as the American Indians will have to reclaim America two thousand years from now!!

Meanwhile, the Arab World immediately recognized that the West was trying to install a puppet government in their midst. They were enraged.

When the impending confrontation started to make newspaper headlines around the world, both the U.S. and Britain attempted to diffuse the issue by announcing on April 29 1946 that a joint U.S. British Committee studying the matter, had advised against the partition of Palestine. The Arabs were not about to be fooled by this superficial ploy because on January 26 1947, Egypt actually broke off diplomatic relations with Britain.

On May 14 1948, the British mandate over Palestine ended, and the Allies proceeded to support the creation of Israel by giving David Ben-Gurion and his chosen associates full military assistance to begin a covert imperialistic invasion of Palestine. The well understood advantage of supporting and installing puppet governments, is that the elite can implement their strategies without having to assume either direct responsibility or accountability.{B174}

In reality, the initial invaders were nothing more than a commando force similar to the CIA financed Contras!!

In the wake of the Jewish Holocaust, the Western media was used extensively to justify almost unlimited financial and military support for the creation of Israel, which served as a perfect smoke screen behind which the Allies could install a puppet government in Palestine posing as refuge seekers.

The Western media spared no effort in depicting the Allied invasion forces as refuge seekers, and so were able to successfully transfer the sympathy, which had been generated for the Holocaust victims, directly to the invasion forces. If they had not done this, the citizens of the West, and indeed the world community in general, would have been more critical of the invasion, and would most certainly have sympathized with the innocent Palestinians who were literally being thrown out of their homeland to make way for a collection of people who already had countries to live in. Jews who came from places like America were not refuge seekers, they were encouraged to go to Palestine to help occupy territory forcefully taken from innocent Palestinians by the right-wing militant faction of the puppet government's invasion forces.

Mind you, most Europeans were busy picking up the pieces of their lives after nearly six years of war, and could be forgiven for being a bit numbed at this stage to the invasion of Palestine. Quite conceivably, this too figured into the timing of the invasion.

Israel - Middle East Warlord ...Overnight!

With American military hardware and advisors, Israel almost instantly emerged as the strongest military might in the Middle East. Within 8 years, this artificially created nation, which theoretically should have been a collection of the most grateful people on earth, had already gone to war against each of its neighbors Jordan, Lebanon, Syria.

And within 5 months of Egypt declaring that she would not extend the Suez Canal's Concession, Israel invaded Egyptian territory and advanced to within 10 miles of the Suez Canal.{B175}

It was only too clear to the entire Arab world, that Israel had become an American military outpost!! The fact that the creation of Israel had the combined support of the Western elite (to at least ensure control the Suez Canal), was made evident by the fact that the Americans (through the Israelis) invaded the Sinai Peninsula heading toward the canal on October 29, 1956, while both the British and the French bombed Egyptian airfields to weaken or destroy the Egyptian capacity to resist the Israeli (American) invasion of their Sinai peninsula. British forces within the week took Gaza and Port Said. Through a long drawn out process involving UN occupation forces, the Western elite began their extended control over the Suez Canal.

Wearing a thin Israeli disguise, the Western elite invaded and claimed not just Palestine from the Palestinians, but the lands West of the Jordan River from the Jordanians, the Gaza strip from the Egyptians, and the Golan Heights from the Syrians. For 15 years, Israel also held the Sinai Peninsula but handed it back to Egypt in 1982 under the terms of a (1979) peace treaty.

Those who would wish to escape criticism for the above acts of imperialism have been quick to label any such criticism as either anti-Semitic or anti-American. Neither label is valid. The criticism contained in this book is directed strictly toward the Western elite and their Israeli counterparts. The truth of the matter, is that I have great sympathy for victims of the Holocaust persecution, as well as for the Jews encouraged to emigrate from all over the world to quite unknowingly create a brand new Jewish Feudal State.

Setting up the Israeli Feudal State

Regarding Israeli domestic policy, Jews who descended on Israel from all parts of the globe became, for the most part, pawns under the direction and control of a nucleus of ultra right-wing militant leaders who were chosen to become part of the emerging Israeli economic elite. As a result, many who were lured from abroad to help establish Israel, now realize how they have been manipulated and victimized. They are coming to acknowledge in ever increasing numbers, the true nature of Israeli domestic and foreign policies.

Class differences were an integral part of this new Feudal system. When the call went out to Jews all around the globe to come to Israel to help establish the country, some of the first to arrive were Jews of African and Arabic origins who are referred to as Sephardic Jews. In later years, as more of the Ashkenazic Jews (of European stock) arrived, many Sephardic Jews, who had served as Israel's pioneers, were now forced to give up their homes to the Ashkenazic Jews who obviously consider themselves to be superior to those of Moroccan or Ethiopian heritage.

Not only that, many are beginning to acknowledge that Israel, like South Africa, has been enforcing a policy of apartheid, ...against the Palestinians!!

And so a "worse than Feudal" class structure has been established from scratch. The Israeli bottom 90% are as much victims of manipulation by the American-installed Israeli elite, as are the bottom 90% of all other countries still dominated by an economic elite.

With regard to the persecution of Palestinians by those Jews who truly deserve to be called Imperialists, let the world acknowledge that the Palestinians are not being burned in ovens. However, they are being forcefully dispossessed of their traditional homelands and property by a minority of ultra right-wing leaders who have conscripted many normal caring Jewish human beings into taking part in modern imperialistic acts against Palestinians, just as many normal caring Germans were conscripted into persecuting the Jews, and many normal caring Americans were brainwashed into believing that it was morally right to drop atomic bombs on the civilians of two Japanese cities. To add insult to injury, the Japanese descendants of those who survived the war now serve as slaves to the current batch of Japanese economic elite overlords. And so it goes.

Even though I have sympathy for the Jewish victims of both German and Jewish overlords, I have even more sympathy for the Palestinians who have been relentlessly and agonizingly victimized for the last 40 years. It is to their plight that we now focus our attention.

Taking Over Palestinian Property

Practically everyday another handful of Arabs die trying to fight off the onslaught of Israeli imperialism in full view of the citizens of Western democracies who have been brainwashed by incessant television shows about the Jewish Holocaust into ignoring whatever atrocities the Jewish elite may commit.

The systematic takeover of Palestinian lands has normally involved two phases. Firstly, Palestinian villagers bordering Israeli occupied lands are intimidated and provoked to the point that an initial skirmish takes place that can in future be cited as a reason for sending in an armed commando force (often referred to as the Irgun),to forcefully overrun the village. Once the area is secure, the homes are blown up with explosives, or bulldozers are sent in to level the homes previously owned by the Palestinians who had the choice of dying in defense of their ancestral property, or fleeing for their lives. Next the occupation force, (commonly referred to as the Hagganagh), moves in. New settlers occupy the area and immediately build new houses to claim the real estate left by the terrified Arabs who were forced to flee.

Why destroy the Palestinian homes? Why not simply allow the Jewish settlers to take them over? Basically, two psychological tricks are being employed. Firstly, by physically destroying the actual buildings, the Israelis effectively diminish the will of the dispossessed Palestinians to reclaim their property. After all, the most useful aspect of their property had been their homes.

More importantly, the Israeli elite quite purposely wish to give the new settlers (the territory occupation force) an opportunity to delude themselves into believing that Palestinian land with Jewish built homes automatically and instantly becomes Jewish "homelands". The bottomline is that no matter how subtle or obvious the strategy appears to the reader, the trick appears to have fooled the majority of Jewish settlers into being relieved of imperialist guilt.

When the state of Israel was originally "created on paper" by the Western Allies, the Jewish population occupied only 6% of the real estate. Through their violent program of intolerance, harassment, intimidation, and aggression, followed by their policy of bulldozing Palestinian homes and installing new settlers, they now in 1989 occupy 70% of the real estate. This scenario has been carried out in village after village non-stop since 1948!!

Recently, Israeli scholar Dr. Benny Morris shattered the myth of an Arab exodus in 1948 by showing Zionist leaders' responsibility for the expulsion of Palestinians, with the help of the occasional massacre, between 1947 and 1949. Americans among others must no longer tolerate their country's support for this barbaric behavior without fully sharing in the blame!

The Jews have done to the Palestinians precisely what they blame the Germans for having done to them!!

If it looks like Israeli Imperialism, and waddles like Israeli Imperialism, and quacks like Israeli Imperialism, then ...

Handling The Palestinian Protests

To ward off any future dispute over the validity of Israel as a nation, the Western elite, who dominated the newly formed United Nations Organization made sure that Israel was given official international credibility and recognition by using their influence to install Israel as a member of the UN within a year of the initial invasion.

The Western conspiracy against the Palestinians, at least in hindsight, should be obvious. To begin with, the Palestinians were dispersed as refugees throughout the adjoining Middle Eastern countries, thus making initial coordinated protest next to impossible. When these genuine Palestinian Freedom Fighters eventually organized themselves into the P.L.O. to protest openly, the Western elite purposely refused to recognize the legitimacy of their organization, and for the past 40 years, have continually denied them the opportunity of openly discussing the issues using peaceful methods of negotiation{B176}

When the Palestinians finally turned in total and utter frustration to hostage taking to draw world attention to their situation, the West couldn't have been more pleased because they then launched a media campaign to thoroughly discredit the Palestinian protests by making the term "P.L.O." synonymous with terrorism.

The American elite to this day threaten to cut off funds to any of the UN organizations which allow the PLO to participate as a member nation. Even 40 years later, the Western elite are still trying to deny the existence of a people with at least 2000 years of claim to Palestine, but who were sacrificed (somewhat like the holocaust victims) as pawns in a global game of chess. Because Israel was accepted as a member of the UN on May 11 1949, less than one year after its creation, it should be perfectly clear that Palestinians were being purposely gagged, persecuted and maligned simply to allow Israeli (Allied) imperialism to continue.

A Mountain of Telltale Evidence

The circumstances existing prior to the creation of Israel leave little doubt that the West had every reason to wish for Russia's downfall, as well as Israel's creation. Next, everyone would have to agree that the Holocaust was carefully planned, and carried out just as methodically. So all that we are trying to determine is not whether anyone would sacrifice several million Jews, but what the exact reasons were for doing it.

We will now consider additional telltale evidence supporting the argument that

the Holocaust victims were purposely sacrificed not to satisfy one of Hitler's fanatical whims (as the West has always stated), but to generate worldwide sympathy for the Jews so that the Allied forces could successfully create a territory in the Middle East in which they could legitimately establish a military base to safeguard their colonial interests throughout the area.

First of all, the German High Command would have been acutely aware that Germany would have suffered the same dire economic consequences if she too had been denied passage through the Suez. So logically, Hitler would have gladly welcomed a plan to establish an Allied military base close to the Canal.

But because Germany had more reason to be concerned about the spread of Communism over her borders from Russia, than about the loss of oil concessions in the Middle East, it would have been a very logical division of labor for Germany to attack Russia (with the assurance that the Allies wouldn't interfere), and for America and Britain to invade Palestine and set up their military base to safeguard the Canal.

If Hitler did hate the Jews, then a plan for him to purposely sacrifice several million Jews to ensure the successful creation of Israel, that would in time absorb the remaining Jews left in Germany, must have sounded to him too good to be true.

As we are all aware how readily the American High Command resort to destroying evidence which incriminates them, it would be fair to say that by now, all the Allied governments have had time to purge their records completely of any overtly incriminating details that may have remained. Nevertheless, both Britain's and America's actions clearly point to covert goals, strategies, and agreements.

You be the judge.

9 More Puzzle Pieces That Now Fit Perfectly

As a condition of losing the First World War, Germany was prohibited from rearming! However, we are supposed to overlook or perhaps see no significance in the fact that the allies not only helped Germany rebuild, they allowed her to rearm so well that the combined armies of the rest of Europe supposedly took till 1945 to defeat her. Although it is possible that German leaders were unaware of why Germany was being allowed to rearm, it is rather unlikely. At the very least, it would be logical to assume that Germany could have been enticed by the Allied elite to attack Russia. A tentative agreement regarding the potential division of spoils could easily have been worked out among the Feudal elite. In fact, the Allies may have had the alliance treaty with Russia as a red herring to partially disarm Russia, who would have naturally counted on her allies to provide at least some military assistance if attacked.

After the war, we were told that Britain had cracked the German communications code as early as 1941, and that Churchill definitely knew that Coventry was to be heavily bombed. But, he purposely allowed Coventry to endure a German bombing blitz on April 11, 1941, without forewarning the city. Why? The city was supposedly sacrificed in order to keep secret the fact that the Allies could listen in on all of Germany's strategic plans since early in 1941.

However, we are still asked to believe that the Holocaust came as a shock to the allies in the closing days of war, which occurred 4 years after the British had cracked the German communication code!!

Are we to believe that every time the Germans discussed the details of building the ovens, and the logistics of collecting and transporting millions of Jews, that the Allied eavesdroppers were on their tea and coffee breaks? Why then did the Allies allow the holocaust program to continue for so long? Why wasn't stopping the holocaust an Allied military objective?

Disgustingly, the evidence points clearly to the fact that the Germans were purposely allowed to rearm, just as Coventry was allowed to be bombed, and the holocaust knowingly allowed to continue secretly. It should be apparent, at least in hindsight, that sympathy for the Jewish holocaust victims played a crucial role in the success of the elite's Middle Eastern objectives. Who then can, in conscience, afford to disregard the crucial connection between world sympathy for the creation of Israel, and the fact that the allies appeared to have kept silent about the slaughter of Jews, allowed the holocaust to continue, and then made the holocaust the focus of world horror prior to lending their full support for the creation of Israel?

Besides, how much difference is there between Churchill allowing the citizens of Coventry to be unsuspectingly sacrificed by bombing in order to achieve a more important objective, ...than for Hitler to send millions of unsuspecting Jews to their deaths in a gas chamber so that the Allies could retain control over the Suez Canal, and prevent their oil fields from being nationalized? In fact, was Churchill's action not just another part of the despicable charade? Even if it were not, the difference is moot. Neither is valid.

Perhaps the most damning evidence of collusion with Germany lies in the fact that many Nazi war criminals fled successfully to Western nations and other Allied countries, and that some even ended up with U.S. government jobs. America it turns out has been sitting on information that could have sent some ex-Nazis to jail. One after another, cases have come to light that pointed to the fact that after the war, many top Nazis were secretly given refuge and special treatment by the Allies, and in particular by America and Britain.

It is now openly acknowledged by the American government that Klaus Barbi, the butcher of Lyons, worked with the CIA for some time before he was assisted by them to secretly relocate to Bolivia!
Werner von Braun, whose V1 and V2 rockets caused firestorms in London, soon became beloved by America for his work in their space program.

Until the day Rudolph Hess died under suspicious circumstances, huge Spandau prison, capable of holding hundreds of prisoners, was kept open to hold him, and him alone. Never before has anyone been isolated to that degree. The whole scenario appears rather ridiculous until one views the situation from the previously outlined perspective. The Allies may have been forced to do precisely this, had they given their word to do what they could to assist and comfort members of the German High Command should the Germans not triumph.(as they did not) More importantly, it would be further logical to assume that the Allies could not take the chance that Hess would in a moment of weakness, expose embarrassing war strategies to his fellow prisoners!

Many other known Nazi war criminals found easy and swift refuge in Canada and in many South American countries allied to the Western bloc.

Are we expected to see no significance either in the fact that Krupp's mammoth Rheinhausen steel works that had armed Hitler was, in fact, the only Ruhr valley steel mill that DID NOT get wiped out by allied bombing during World War II. Moreover, although Mr. Krupp, the German owner of that steel works, was convicted of war crimes at Nuremberg, he was out on the street again as a free man by 1951. Later, the (CIA installed) Shah of Iran bought a 25% interest in Krupp's company for $550 million.{B177}

Not surprisingly, when Russia was attacked by Germany, she received practically no assistance from her supposed Western Allies. Isn't it rather odd that the combined non-Communist Allied losses only amounted to slightly more than half a million, while Communist Russia, (our ally), lost over 20 million? Just for perspective sake, noteworthy statistics for war dead from 1939-1945 are as follows: {B178}

Although she remained unconquered, Russia's social and economic development was stunted for decades, especially due to the loss of approximately 95% of her able bodied men between the ages of 18 to 24. We helped our Russian allies all we could ...didn't we?

The American public were not hounded into feeling sympathetic for the Russians as they were for the Jews, because the Allies weren't installing Russians to run their new military base in the Middle East! Similarly, the Jews themselves attached little significance to Germany's massacre of 20 million Russians. The fact is made even more significant because it was the Russians who captured Berlin, and in a sense put an end to the Holocaust deaths!

America has for decades accused Russia of persecuting the Jews for not allowing them to leave Russia, when in fact, the travel restrictions affected all Russians in the same way. However, the American media succeeded in purposely transferring the "persecutor of the Jews" label, earned by the Nazis, directly to the communists.

Now that the propaganda value has drastically diminished, America's supposed concern for Soviet Jews is at last being exposed for what it always was, a method of discrediting Russia, and a tool to generate propaganda support for Israeli imperialism. The truth of the matter is that America has secretly been making it much harder for Soviet Jews to immigrate to America despite its image to the contrary.{B179} Not only is there now a 12-18 month waiting period for Jews applying to the American consulate in Moscow for immigration to America, former Attorney General Edwin Meese introduced legislation that made it necessary for Soviet Jews to convince the Immigration and Naturalization Service that he or she suffered from a "well-founded fear of persecution." Additionally, legislation is currently being proposed that would reject any Soviet Jews who could not prove that they had "close family or other ties with America". America is now using every trick in the book to reject the immigration of Soviet Jews to America!!

To prevent Russia's war losses from generating sympathy in the West for Communists, history text books for baby boomers made little mention of Russia in connection with the Second World War. From the distorted movie accounts of the war, few would believe that it was not the Americans who marched into Berlin! American movies seem to feature only persecuted Jews, heroic Americans, and fanatical Germans, in that order. {B180}

Not only that, a few short years later, America was subjected to an era of McCarthyism in which every critic of the government, or society, was branded as a Communist. Considering the debt owed by the allies to Russia for her part in defeating Germany, the anti-Communist fever whipped up during the McCarthy era, by the media and the FBI among others, again posed more questions than it answered.

During the McCarthy era, society was purged of socialist sympathies in one fell swoop, and nowhere more so than in Hollywood.

Once that had been done, Hollywood churned out an endless stream of war movies in which America saved the world. So much so, that most Americans probably feel that they won the War pretty much single-handedly. Although Communism rapidly replaced Hitler as the major threat to freedom and democracy, the survivors of the holocaust have remained the underdogs in dire need of America's protection and financial aid.

In order to justify keeping Israel as America's top recipient of foreign aid, the American public has been subjected to an incessant and blatant media campaign relating to the Second World War, and focusing especially on aspects of the Jewish holocaust. When Israel had stepped up her campaign of killing Palestinian rock-throwing children, America TV viewers were bombarded virtually on a daily basis with war movies, documentaries, and special "made for TV docudramas" depicting the horror of the holocaust.

Programs involving Nazi and holocaust themes have been broadcast and re-broadcast so much by now that, as anticipated, the Jewish holocaust is etched into the American psyche as the world's single worst atrocity. No matter how severe other atrocities such as the dropping of atomic bombs on civilian populations have been, they are treated as merely unfortunate but necessary occurrences.

When there are no more Palestinian properties to confiscate, the holocaust movies will probably taper off. However, the movies will in all likelihood not stop altogether, because Israel will no doubt remain a center for much of America's covert military activity.

Summary and Conclusions:

We are no longer considering whether a man or group of men could have purposely devised such an horrendous premeditated plan, involving many countries, and sacrificing the lives of so many millions of people, with chess-like strategy and cold indifference. Hitler's actions left no doubt about that.

However, the allied assistance given the Germans BEFORE the war, the relatively low loss of life by the allied non-Communist forces DURING the war, and the assistance given to the known Nazi butchers AFTER the war, clearly justify a closer scrutiny of the correlation between Hitler's plans and covert Allied objectives.

Complicity can be both indirect and covert. I hope no one is naive enough to believe that either the English or American power elite are above complicity in such heartless genocide. To hold such a ridiculous idea would require an amnesia attack that would obliterate memories of dropping atomic bombs on civilian populations, ...sacrificing the citizens of Coventry, ...bombing the Asian countries of Vietnam and Cambodia almost off the face of the earth using horrendous quantities of both Agent Orange and napalm, ...or working closely with such human rights violators as Noriega, Nazi butchers, Augusto Pinochet, Baby Doc Duvalier and his death squads, apartheid forces, etc., etc., etc., etc.,

In any case, certain facts have significance on their own:

In the Second World War the Allies benefited greatly from Germany warring against Russia. They benefited greatly from the holocaust sympathy that allowed for the creation of their Middle Eastern military base. Moreover, it should be recognized that all the working class populations of countries involved in the Second World War were herded into participation by a handful of powerful leaders. It appears that in addition to the Jewish holocaust victims, and those who helped create and enlarge the new country of Israel, the German people themselves were as equally oblivious to the real chess strategies and motivations known only by the power elite at the top.

The most convincing evidence of Allied military objectives, however, lies in the events that unfolded after the Western elite had firmly established their new military base.

America's Thinly Veiled Military Outpost

The justification given to the world for the creation of Israel was to provide the Jews with a chance to form a peaceful nation where they could live "free from persecution". However, Israel quickly became instead, one of the world's leading military arms manufacturers, and merchants for equipment designed to KILL.

With an inflation rate at times reaching 200%, it has become evident to a growing number of Israeli citizens that the America aid received over the past 40 years has not been spent to stabilize their economy, or to benefit the bottom 90%. Instead the money has been used to establish Israel as the center for Allied operations in the Middle East. Much of the $37.7 billion dollars taken from American taxpayers from 1971 to 1987 has gone toward setting up Israel as one of the world's leading manufacturers of military weapons.{B181}

The fact that Israel's chief export is weaponry should remove anyone's naivete, but the fact that this tiny nation is stockpiling nuclear weapons ought to convince all but the politically brain-dead that Israel functions as an American Military Outpost.

As far as the American elite are concerned, any military supplies or personnel provided by Israel to help fight America's colonial wars around the globe conveniently amounts to additional "off-budget" defense expenditures which lie beyond the control of Congress. Meanwhile, Israel remains totally reliant on American support for its financial, as well as its political survival. Not surprisingly, this translates directly into "favors for favors". Many are now fully aware of the degree to which Israeli advisers and Israeli-made weaponry are being used to fight the Western elite's colonial wars raging throughout Africa and Latin America. Weapons belonging to the thugs and dictators of the world are increasingly bearing the "made in Israel " sticker.

Consequently, many thinking and caring Jews are at last beginning to question their country's military involvement outside Israel, and in particular those in remote Latin America.

While it is beyond the scope and intent of this book to list Israel's foreign military involvement, several of her foreign military adventures are worth mentioning due to their unusual and noteworthy characteristics.

When Spain abandoned its colony of Western Sahara back in 1975, King Hussein of Morocco sent his troops South to claim the territory for his own use due to the fact that Western Sahara is extremely rich in natural resources such as oil, and has the world's second richest deposits of phosphate. When the indigenous peoples resisted, they were militarily chased out of the country.

Israeli advisers have assisted the Moroccan King to adopt and carry out the same strategy Israel so successfully employed to take over Palestinian lands. In other words, the houses of the Saharawi people, who fled for safety, were torn down and replaced by modern housing complexes built by the Moroccan monarch. Then a program was commenced involving cheap loans, etc., to lure Moroccan citizens to relocate into the new territories in an effort to claim and occupy them.

To keep the Saharawi from physically returning to their country, the Moroccans built an earthen wall that runs the entire length of the country. The wall is not only mined, but guarded by 150,000 fully armed Moroccan soldiers. At present, about 165,000 refugees (mainly women) are still located in a tent community in the Western section of Algeria. The surviving menfolk desperately continue their attempt to reclaim their homelands.

. Since the CIA backed coup toppled the popularly elected President Arbenz back in 1950, over 150,000 citizens have been killed by the American supported puppet government, and more than 30,000 went missing and have never been seen again.

What has Israel got to do with that? Well, the Israelis were responsible for installing a computerized system of population control and surveillance. All Guatemalans have been issued with computer-oriented picture identification cards which they are compelled to carry at all times. As citizens go from one control area to another, they have to pass through checkpoint stations which maintain an up-to-date computer record of their whereabouts and a permanent record of their movements. As in El Salvador, Guatemala's death squads still operate covertly on behalf of the country's elite, this surveillance system greatly facilitates the process of intimidating and when necessary, locating and selectively killing off political opponents. Of course, the Israeli advisors based their surveillance system on the South African "passbook" system, which had until recently been used so effectively to assist in the enslavement of black South Africans.

No doubt much of the recent civilian destruction and related terrorist activity being carried out against Colombian civilians and elected officials is directly attributable to the lessons taught by these Israeli consultants. In addition, a former CIA agent helping to covertly supply arms to the Contras had disclosed some while ago that CIA supply planes, (which enjoy quasi official immunity from customs) were often used to smuggle drugs back into America. It certainly leaves serious doubts in my mind as to which group the American elite support most. On the other hand, it could be yet another instance of divide and conquer tactics.

Farming Out the Covert Dirty Work

Because the America elite are becoming more aware that their financial and military support for the world's dictators is being interpreted more "literally" nowadays, Congress bows occasionally to public pressure, and agrees to cut off Congressional funding for particular military operations or specific regimes. However, the elite are not about to be prevented from doing what they want by anything as ultimately programmable as public opinion.

Mind you, in the short term the elite have found it convenient to quell domestic and world censure by allowing Congress to cut off funds while at the same time farming the work out covertly to Israel. An obvious example involves El Salvador, where Israel virtually took over America's war after the U.S. Congress supposedly shut off foreign aid back in 1977.

The fact that Israel operates as an extension of America's military machine is evident in countless ways, but the farming out of covert dirty work to bypass whatever democratic influence the American people can muster up is perhaps the most galling.

Similarly, when Congress bowed to public pressure to cut off funding to the CIA-backed Contra mercenaries, Israel (the arms merchant) stepped in to negotiate a price for the American arms being sold to Iran to obtain covert money to keep the Contras funded as usual. The arms shipment was also routed through Israel to provide a cover for the illegal activity.

Although the plot was fully exposed, the American media went into overtime to whitewash the affair. The arms sale was transposed into a patriot act by Reagan to buy freedom for the American hostages. Ollie North was transformed into a patriotic National Hero. In short, the media successfully transformed the illegal democracy-defeating deceits of the Iran-Contra affair into sweet smelling acts of patriotism that gave Americans lumps in their throats and made many proud to be American again.

The simple truth of the matter is that year after year, Israel remains the chief recipient of American "foreign aid". {B183} In fact, the rate of development of not only Israel's Aircraft Industry, but her nuclear capacity as well, should leave very little doubt as to the transfer of high level information and technology between the two elite groups.

As long as the elite have dirty work to get done, Israel will function as America's covert 51st state. In any event, it is totally meaningless for America to declare that it has no military involvement in a particular country, if in fact, the country is overrun with Israeli advisors, and supported with Israeli made military hardware. To distinguish nowadays between American and Israeli advisors and/or weaponry in 2nd and 3rd World countries should be a distinction reserved for the politically naive.

Now that Israel's role as arms merchant has been reviewed, let's examine how she has been used as a base from which to initiate unrest between Arab countries.

Dividing and Conquering the Arab Nations

The Arab threat to the Western elite's domination, was fought on many fronts. Establishing Israel as a military base in the area was merely the first step. To appreciate how the Arab threat was dealt with, it is only necessary to keep in mind one of the most fundamental aspects of diplomatic strategy, the tactic of Divide and Conquer.

Middle Eastern diplomacy provides a perfect contemporary example of this tactic whereby the Western elite used their political diplomacy and arms sales to successfully pit the Arab countries against each other to diffuse their power. All combatants become pawns of the provocateur(s). The ultimate winner of this type of strategy is the provocateur, not necessarily the combatant who wins a specific war. For example, no matter who claims victory in the Iran-Iraq war, both nations have been weakened and impoverished in countless way by over seven years of war. On the other hand, the Western elite have grown rich from fueling the conflict with sales of arms to both sides! As the wealth and manpower of Arab nations are wasted on war, (as with Russia's loss of 20,000,000 war casualties) the threat posed by a United Arab Community decreases accordingly.

With that in mind, let's now review how Middle Eastern events unfolded after the Western elite moved into their neighborhood.

With regard to Libya:
It should be well noted that the Western press has spared no effort in discrediting Colonel Qaddafi of Libya, because he has been one of the few Arab leaders bold enough to risk bearing the brunt of American aggression in order to offer humanitarian and military support to the Palestinians who had been violently dispossessed of their property and homes. In retaliation for Qaddafi's repeated public denunciation of US Middle East policy, America began a concerted and successful media campaign to totally discredit him by making him out to be fanatical dictator willing to support terrorism. But the carefully orchestrated harassment didn't stop there.

The American navy was called in to stage a thinly veiled provocation off the coast of Libya, supposedly to defend the obscure waters of one of Libya's coastal bays for international use. The whole scenario was meant to set the stage for a media blitz at home to psychologically prepare the American people, and perhaps the world at large, for their direct premeditated aerial assassination attempt on Qaddafi's residence deep inside Libya. Qaddafi survived America's assassination attempt, but his son was injured.

At what point do assassination attempts cease to be acts of terrorism to congressmen and the American public? ...only after the "freest media in the democratic world" sugarcoats them into acts worthy of patriotic pride!!

The level of propaganda used to whitewash events like these, are typical of the propaganda campaigns carefully orchestrated to shape and control the opinions of the American public. Psychological media tricks have been refined and improved constantly, to ensure a quick predictable response from American citizenry, whose subsequent opinions are noted by the carefully controlled public opinion polls, and fed back as reinforcement.

No doubt, had America succeeded in assassinating Colonel Qaddafi there would have surfaced out of the woodwork old supporters of the previous monarch whom Qaddafi had replaced, and whom the Americans would have supplied arms to, as they did in Nicaragua to Anastasio Samosa's old thugs whom were given the euphemistic title of "Contra Freedom Fighters" by the CIA who created them.

With regard to Iran: It is now well documented public knowledge that in 1953, the CIA covertly overthrew the popularly elected leader of Iran, Dr. Mussadegh, to re-install the Shah who, like all monarchs before and after him, was a genuine elitist. To achieve this, the CIA hired street gangs to kick in the windows of any car on the street which did not prominently display a picture of the Shah. These and other CIA funded tactics intimidated Dr. Mussadegh and caused him to flee for his life after the mob completely destroyed his headquarters.

The CIA then immediately flew the puppet Shah back into Iran to take over the country, and proceeded to quickly arm him to the teeth, as they were also doing with Israel. What the CIA did not count on, however, was that a severe fundamentalist backlash headed by the Ayatollah Khomeini would eventually return power to the Iranian people.

When the Shah realized that his days were numbered, he literally robbed the nation of billions of dollars and took the wealth out of the country. As the American elite were the Shah's greatest allies, much of the money stolen from the Iranian people ended up on deposit in American banks, and invested in American real estate. America not only helped the Shah to remove the nation's wealth, they refused to return the stolen wealth even after the Shah had died.

The American hostages were taken, and are being held only because America refuses to return the stolen wealth!!

After the Shah was replaced by the Ayatollah, the Western elite have had to settle for instigating Middle Eastern conflicts, and keeping them on the boil wherever they could, in an effort to keep the Arabs truly divided and conquered.

The Iran Conta affair totally exposed the divide and conquer strategy for those not totally brainwashed by American propaganda -which tried to justify the sale of arms as a means of getting back the hostages. The opposite in fact was true. It was the Reagan administration itself which bargained with the Iranians NOT to release the hostages.

Repeatedly, foreign policy is shown to be little more than chess like maneuvers designed to keep the Feudal elite in power.

The fact that Oliver North was treated as a national hero by the press for his part in assisting President Reagan's White House staff to sell arms to Iran leaves very little more to be said about Oliver North, the media, President Reagan, his appointed staff members, Israel, and the Congress.

The shooting down of the Iranian passenger jet with 290 passengers (as previously described in the media manipulation section on page 3-21) was very thinly disguised terrorism which reeked of intimidation, bullying, and vengeful retaliation.

With regard to Lebanon:
Although the lives of many innocent passers-by have been lost through car bombs exploding in the streets of Lebanon, the American public rarely hears of the documented evidence linking the CIA with this terrorist activity.

Citizens of the Middle East are also much more aware that America also supplied both moral and military support for the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. In fact, it probably supplied the sky flares that the Israeli army used to turn night into day to allow the Christian Phalangists to continue throughout the night their cold blooded massacre of hundreds of men, women, and children in both the Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps.

Did the Israelis learn nothing from the holocaust?
There should have been no surprise when America's own occupation of Lebanon was met with such fanatical hatred and resistance, to the point that they were even forced to abandon their embassy.

With regard to Egypt:
One might also begin to question just whose covert actions were behind the assassination of Anwar Sadat of Egypt, considering he had the same sense of nationalism as Mossadegh of Iran who was overthrown by the CIA because he intended to nationalize the Iranian oil fields. In Egypt's case, nationalistic Egyptians intended to take over full control of the Suez Canal shipping lane, a responsibility the Egyptians had every legal and territorial right to assume.

With regard to Iraq:
Just when Iraq was nearing completion of her first nuclear power plant, Israel staged an unprovoked aerial attack on the plant and totally destroyed it. This act constitutes another of the more blatant acts of Israeli (American) aggression designed to keep the Arab peoples from becoming a threat to Feudal domination.

Since the first printing of this book, America has in full view of the world, quite literally bombed Iraq's civilian infrastructure, as well as it's defense infrastructure back into the middle ages.

Once again, America's media spent time preparing its citizens as well as the rest of the world to be partner to the secret slaughter it had planned. The media repeated ad nausea that not only was Saddam a terrorist madman, but that he was only months away from completing the manufacture of nuclear bombs with which to attack all Democracy and Freedom loving people.

The reality of the matter is that like "shooting fish in a barrel", the American elite quite callously took the opportunity to field test their latest hi-tech weapons, and in the process massacre about 200,000 Iraqis. The fact that America lost only about 60 soldiers, some of which were killed by their own side, should leave little doubt about the real threat Iraqi troops posed to the West. No doubt this brutal display of bullying will also serve to make other 2nd or 3rd world nations capitulate in future rather than arouse America's ire.

It should be well noted that in countries like Kuwait (which the West created less than a century ago, as it created Israel), and in Jordan where a King is still in power, Arabs are allowed to remain in power --but only because they run their countries as Feudal empires.

Because the West has its Israeli military arsenal fully entrenched, it has no more need of occupying other Arab lands, it only needs to keep the non-feudal countries hobbled.

The bottomline is that instead of the Arabs enjoying a Golden Age of Prosperity, they are pitted against each other (divided and conquered), squandering away vast sums of their oil wealth on expensive, though not the latest or the best, weapons of war.

Shuttle Diplomacy

It doesn't take much more imagination to conclude that the peace missions and shuttle diplomacy that the West initiates to find peaceful solutions to conflicts around the globe, are basically business trips to sell arms to both sides and keep the conflicts boiling. America the "Peacekeeper", has already sold vast amounts of her (ex-state of the art) military equipment throughout the Middle East, thereby making possible the equivalent of an Arab Holocaust which has ensued.

And what do you know, here we are in the 1990s already.

All in all, the Western elite achieved both their goals. Although Russia was not overtly conquered, her economic development was delayed by at least two decades through the war loss of approximately 95% of her able-bodied men between the ages of 18 to 24. Then, by initiating an arms race, the Western elite were able to keep Russia's productivity focused on military goals rather than on producing refrigerators, cars and television sets for her people. When the normally stoic Russians finally ran out of patience, an era ended.

In the Middle East, the Feudal elite were totally successful. Israel is firmly entrenched, Western oil interests in the Gulf have remained intact, and so has their indirect control over the use of the Suez canal. Lastly, the chance that Arabs would unite to threaten the dominance of the existing Feudal elite has been totally obliterated.

Therefore, if we are to learn any lessons from the past, the degree to which the allies played the covert role of PROVOCATEUR, both during and after World War II should become a topic of much further consideration, discussion and investigation. The fact that a few rich people can continue to use the bulk of humanity as expendable pawns in a chess game is intolerable.

We have to begin our assault on Feudalism as quickly as possible, because the elite are certainly not sitting idle. The next chapter is devoted to a discussion of their current strategies, which should give you even more incentive to get involved.

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