Because most of the easy profits derived from leveraged buyouts have already been creamed off in America, takeover pros like Drexel Burnham, and the legal firms which specialize in takeover bids, are already setting up shop in Western Europe. The economic elite are about ready to drain the Western European economies. In contrast to America's debt to equity ratio of 64%, Britain's stands at about 16%. In other words, 16% of value of British businesses has been borrowed (mainly from banks), as opposed to 84% which is paid for, so to speak. {B190} The figure for the rest of Western Europe is probably not too far off, but a few years from now, takeovers and mergers will have undermined the Western European economies as well. But that's not all.

A New Global Currency?

The elite have even begun the groundwork for a new monetary system with a basket currency from 10 countries, already in limited use in Europe, called the European Currency Unit (ECU). Although the ECU is rapidly taking hold throughout European countries, many other countries around the globe are adopting the now 10 year old currency to oblige their European trading partners. {B191} The manipulation of interest rates, and the devaluation of horrendous amounts of savings could be then accomplished overnight with the greatest of ease. It is the author's guess at this stage that the reason the Western elite hope to adopt one currency is to facilitate the adoption of a universal system of Feudal taxation.

Time will tell.

Future Employment Trends

Increased cooperation among Trilateral countries has produced many visible changes within America. In the workplace, for example, it is becoming apparent that leaders in the Trilateral feudal empires are adopting each other's best methods for controlling and exploiting their respective work forces. Unfortunately, the Japanese have lived under an Emperor, and so they are culturally attuned to the concept of subservience, and suppression of individual freedoms. Because of this, American industry is increasingly emulating Japanese industrial methods and policies with regard to employee management techniques. The following trends, most of which have been copied from the Japanese, are now being introduced into the American workplace.