Consolidating Political Power

While the elite regularly use their military power to enforce and maintain Feudalism, they are working very diligently in the boardrooms to install a global Feudal government instead of running as they currently do with each country forming a separate Feudal empire. With the rise of international corporations, the need to consolidate feudal power has become unavoidable.

During the last two decades, the Trilateral Commission has (under the leadership of its founder David Rockefeller) used clout in the White House to successfully establish basic power and resource sharing agreements between the principal Trilateral Commission partners.

With much of the power sharing arrangements sorted out among existing members, Mr Rockefeller is now turning his attention to Latin America with the intention of establishing an organization which effectively will link the American elite with the dominant financial elite from Latin America. The new organization will in all probability function as a Latin American tentacle of the existing Trilateral Commission. It will be known as "Congress of the New World".

So far, major Western banks have loaned hundreds of billions of dollars to Western sympathizers throughout Latin America. As chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank from 1969 to 1982, Rockefeller was in a position to dish out many billions in loans, and thus strengthen the connections set up earlier by his brother Nelson. {B184} The inequities of wealth distribution that resulted from the massive influx of money to Latin America have created a loyal wealthy minority, who are now ripe for absorption into the budding global Feudal community.

Astoundingly, the Latin America elite have already sent about $300 billion (flight capital) out of the country for safe keeping in Swiss and American banks. Without too much imagination required, one can speculate that much of the loaned bank money was quickly and easily siphoned off into bank accounts of a corrupt minority who immediately shipped their new wealth out of the country to escape the ravages of runaway inflation that everyone else was forced to endure. Unfortunately for the populations of Latin American countries, the flight capital ($300 billion) has already exceeded the total Latin American debt of $257 billion!! {B185}

In countries like Argentina, where the inflation rate approaches 1000%, resentment against the greedy elite is running so high that the Western elite are now eager to maintain the flow of money to avert popular uprisings. {B186} At this point, Rockefeller is lobbying strongly for Japan to substantially increase their investments in that hemisphere not only to harness the cheap labor of desperate workers who have been reduced to the brink of poverty, but to ensure that left-wing leadership is prevented from gaining power. Japan should not need too much encouragement because Latin American countries, even as oil-rich as Mexico, still only pay their workers an average of $1.80 per hour. {B187}

To help finance this relationship with the Latin America elite, the American elite have manipulated the U.S. government and indirectly the American people into keeping the money flowing to their friends by introducing legislation to replace the existing defaulting loans with taxpayer guaranteed equivalents.

Reshaping Power in America

Consolidation of authoritative power simply translates into greater centralized control for the elite. Because the Trilateral Commission is firmly entrenched in the highest positions of elected and unelected power in America, George Bush, as President, can now coordinate the growth and development of a global Feudal empire with unprecedented ease. Not surprisingly, he has repeatedly voiced his determined intention to INCREASE the powers of the presidency as well. Obviously he feels that the president's ability to VETO the wishes of the elected majority is not enough.

The powers of the National Security Council are being expanded. New committees have been formed that indicate that a move is underway to coordinate, consolidate and/or integrate the powers of the National Security Council, the State Department, and the Central Intelligence Agency. Readers who wish to read more regarding this important development can read the article entitled "NSC change" in the February 11, 1989 issue of The Economist. {B188}

In addition, George Bush has asked his Attorney General, Dick Thornburgh, to bring control of the nation's "organized crime" strike forces under the direct power and control of the Attorney General's Office. At present, they operate independently in various states around the nation. This move would give any president improved control over just who does, or doesn't, get investigated or prosecuted. With regard to this type of power, it should be noted well how little Mr. Bush was pressed by the media or anyone else for that matter, to declare his level of involvement in the Iran-Contras affair (and especially not by the Attorney General Ed Meese, who was in charge of the investigation). One would indeed have to be naive to overlook the fact that the covert Iran-Contra group did, nevertheless, operate out of the White House basement while George Bush roamed the White House as vice-president. ( appropriate title).

Unlike some of the elite's former presidential puppets, Mr. Bush possesses a keen intellect and a well developed command of both psychology and diplomacy. In short, because he can be both cunning and persuasive, he possesses a capacity to implement the goals of the Trilateral Commission, and thus strengthen the dominance of the Feudal elite like few before him.

What makes him so truly dangerous is that having recently been the head of the CIA, he embodies the consolidation and coordination of overt presidential power, with covert secret service power. Beyond outright dictatorships, few Western government leaders have been in a position to coordinate the integrated use of overt power with covert power.

So, while the presidency inches toward a dictatorship, the White House progressively becomes the base for covert criminal operations. Bush's previous role as head of the CIA has established a link between the presidency and the CIA that is more than faintly reminiscent of Hitler's extension of power using the German secret service. Who could dispute that the German SS carried out Hitler's wishes like a squad of "patriotic" Oliver North clones? After George Bush's invasion of Panama, and his attempt to assassinate a foreign head of state, his colonialist mentality is hardly in question.

To inaugurate the whole process President Reagan put the whole country on a staunchly conservative tack through pro-elite appointees to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The tail is wagging the dog!

The existing democracies will continue to be reshaped legislatively to implement the directives of the emerging corporate government.

Economic Consolidation

Economic power is rapidly being consolidated into fewer and fewer hands as a result of the wave of corporate takeovers and conglomerate mergers currently taking place in all the Western democracies. Note, however, that it is vitally important to draw the distinction between economic power and economic ownership. The corporations, that the elite control, are often owned almost entirely by the banks who finance them.

By refinancing their corporations largely through money borrowed from banks, the elite are effectively selling their uncompetitive, ailing corporations to the working class because money from workers' pension funds constitute such a significant chunk of today's bank deposits.

Although they are retaining control of their corporations, the elite are quickly and quietly pulling their money out of American-based industries, and reinvesting it in cheap labor countries. In the wake of a wave of leveraged takeovers, 64% of the value of America's corporations is owed to banks. {B189} Therefore most of the business risk in America has by now been secretly transferred to bank depositors who quite unknowingly stand to lose their life savings if a serious economic downturn ever bankrupted the businesses that their bank deposits are now financing. Based on debt, many corporations are teetering on the brink of insolvency.

As long as the corporations generate profits, the elite can skim them off. But once they go sour, as they would if a serious depression occurred, the elite who no longer have their money in the corporations (only debt through financing), would be free to walk away and allow the banks (i.e., pension funds) to absorb the losses.

The elite with banking interests are not really risking much of their money either, because they themselves have been compelled by law to invest about only 4% of their own money as capital equity. The rest belongs to the bank depositors. In reality, the banking elite are practically not concerned with repayment of loan principal from the 2nd and 3rd World countries, they are really only concerned with reaping in the interest payments on the depositors' money they lend out. That is why taxpayer money was channeled to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to enable additional funds to be loaned to potential defaulters to ensure that they could at least pay their interest payments.

And so bank depositors and future pensioners are the real holders of the 2nd and 3rd World debt, in addition to being the holders of America's staggering corporate debt!! But the banking elite don't make a habit of shouting that from their rooftops.

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