When there are no more Palestinian properties to confiscate, the holocaust movies will probably taper off. However, the movies will in all likelihood not stop altogether, because Israel will no doubt remain a center for much of America's covert military activity.

Summary and Conclusions:

We are no longer considering whether a man or group of men could have purposely devised such an horrendous premeditated plan, involving many countries, and sacrificing the lives of so many millions of people, with chess-like strategy and cold indifference. Hitler's actions left no doubt about that.

However, the allied assistance given the Germans BEFORE the war, the relatively low loss of life by the allied non-Communist forces DURING the war, and the assistance given to the known Nazi butchers AFTER the war, clearly justify a closer scrutiny of the correlation between Hitler's plans and covert Allied objectives.

Complicity can be both indirect and covert. I hope no one is naive enough to believe that either the English or American power elite are above complicity in such heartless genocide. To hold such a ridiculous idea would require an amnesia attack that would obliterate memories of dropping atomic bombs on civilian populations, ...sacrificing the citizens of Coventry, ...bombing the Asian countries of Vietnam and Cambodia almost off the face of the earth using horrendous quantities of both Agent Orange and napalm, ...or working closely with such human rights violators as Noriega, Nazi butchers, Augusto Pinochet, Baby Doc Duvalier and his death squads, apartheid forces, etc., etc., etc., etc.,

In any case, certain facts have significance on their own:

In the Second World War the Allies benefited greatly from Germany warring against Russia. They benefited greatly from the holocaust sympathy that allowed for the creation of their Middle Eastern military base. Moreover, it should be recognized that all the working class populations of countries involved in the Second World War were herded into participation by a handful of powerful leaders. It appears that in addition to the Jewish holocaust victims, and those who helped create and enlarge the new country of Israel, the German people themselves were as equally oblivious to the real chess strategies and motivations known only by the power elite at the top.

The most convincing evidence of Allied military objectives, however, lies in the events that unfolded after the Western elite had firmly established their new military base.

America's Thinly Veiled Military Outpost

The justification given to the world for the creation of Israel was to provide the Jews with a chance to form a peaceful nation where they could live "free from persecution". However, Israel quickly became instead, one of the world's leading military arms manufacturers, and merchants for equipment designed to KILL.

With an inflation rate at times reaching 200%, it has become evident to a growing number of Israeli citizens that the America aid received over the past 40 years has not been spent to stabilize their economy, or to benefit the bottom 90%. Instead the money has been used to establish Israel as the center for Allied operations in the Middle East. Much of the $37.7 billion dollars taken from American taxpayers from 1971 to 1987 has gone toward setting up Israel as one of the world's leading manufacturers of military weapons.{B181}

The fact that Israel's chief export is weaponry should remove anyone's naivete, but the fact that this tiny nation is stockpiling nuclear weapons ought to convince all but the politically brain-dead that Israel functions as an American Military Outpost.

As far as the American elite are concerned, any military supplies or personnel provided by Israel to help fight America's colonial wars around the globe conveniently amounts to additional "off-budget" defense expenditures which lie beyond the control of Congress. Meanwhile, Israel remains totally reliant on American support for its financial, as well as its political survival. Not surprisingly, this translates directly into "favors for favors". Many are now fully aware of the degree to which Israeli advisers and Israeli-made weaponry are being used to fight the Western elite's colonial wars raging throughout Africa and Latin America. Weapons belonging to the thugs and dictators of the world are increasingly bearing the "made in Israel " sticker.

Consequently, many thinking and caring Jews are at last beginning to question their country's military involvement outside Israel, and in particular those in remote Latin America.

While it is beyond the scope and intent of this book to list Israel's foreign military involvement, several of her foreign military adventures are worth mentioning due to their unusual and noteworthy characteristics.

When Spain abandoned its colony of Western Sahara back in 1975, King Hussein of Morocco sent his troops South to claim the territory for his own use due to the fact that Western Sahara is extremely rich in natural resources such as oil, and has the world's second richest deposits of phosphate. When the indigenous peoples resisted, they were militarily chased out of the country.

Israeli advisers have assisted the Moroccan King to adopt and carry out the same strategy Israel so successfully employed to take over Palestinian lands. In other words, the houses of the Saharawi people, who fled for safety, were torn down and replaced by modern housing complexes built by the Moroccan monarch. Then a program was commenced involving cheap loans, etc., to lure Moroccan citizens to relocate into the new territories in an effort to claim and occupy them.

To keep the Saharawi from physically returning to their country, the Moroccans built an earthen wall that runs the entire length of the country. The wall is not only mined, but guarded by 150,000 fully armed Moroccan soldiers. At present, about 165,000 refugees (mainly women) are still located in a tent community in the Western section of Algeria. The surviving menfolk desperately continue their attempt to reclaim their homelands.

. Since the CIA backed coup toppled the popularly elected President Arbenz back in 1950, over 150,000 citizens have been killed by the American supported puppet government, and more than 30,000 went missing and have never been seen again.

What has Israel got to do with that? Well, the Israelis were responsible for installing a computerized system of population control and surveillance. All Guatemalans have been issued with computer-oriented picture identification cards which they are compelled to carry at all times. As citizens go from one control area to another, they have to pass through checkpoint stations which maintain an up-to-date computer record of their whereabouts and a permanent record of their movements. As in El Salvador, Guatemala's death squads still operate covertly on behalf of the country's elite, this surveillance system greatly facilitates the process of intimidating and when necessary, locating and selectively killing off political opponents. Of course, the Israeli advisors based their surveillance system on the South African "passbook" system, which had until recently been used so effectively to assist in the enslavement of black South Africans.

No doubt much of the recent civilian destruction and related terrorist activity being carried out against Colombian civilians and elected officials is directly attributable to the lessons taught by these Israeli consultants. In addition, a former CIA agent helping to covertly supply arms to the Contras had disclosed some while ago that CIA supply planes, (which enjoy quasi official immunity from customs) were often used to smuggle drugs back into America. It certainly leaves serious doubts in my mind as to which group the American elite support most. On the other hand, it could be yet another instance of divide and conquer tactics.

Farming Out the Covert Dirty Work

Because the America elite are becoming more aware that their financial and military support for the world's dictators is being interpreted more "literally" nowadays, Congress bows occasionally to public pressure, and agrees to cut off Congressional funding for particular military operations or specific regimes. However, the elite
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