transporting millions of Jews, that the Allied eavesdroppers were on their tea and coffee breaks? Why then did the Allies allow the holocaust program to continue for so long? Why wasn't stopping the holocaust an Allied military objective?

Disgustingly, the evidence points clearly to the fact that the Germans were purposely allowed to rearm, just as Coventry was allowed to be bombed, and the holocaust knowingly allowed to continue secretly. It should be apparent, at least in hindsight, that sympathy for the Jewish holocaust victims played a crucial role in the success of the elite's Middle Eastern objectives. Who then can, in conscience, afford to disregard the crucial connection between world sympathy for the creation of Israel, and the fact that the allies appeared to have kept silent about the slaughter of Jews, allowed the holocaust to continue, and then made the holocaust the focus of world horror prior to lending their full support for the creation of Israel?

Besides, how much difference is there between Churchill allowing the citizens of Coventry to be unsuspectingly sacrificed by bombing in order to achieve a more important objective, ...than for Hitler to send millions of unsuspecting Jews to their deaths in a gas chamber so that the Allies could retain control over the Suez Canal, and prevent their oil fields from being nationalized? In fact, was Churchill's action not just another part of the despicable charade? Even if it were not, the difference is moot. Neither is valid.

Perhaps the most damning evidence of collusion with Germany lies in the fact that many Nazi war criminals fled successfully to Western nations and other Allied countries, and that some even ended up with U.S. government jobs. America it turns out has been sitting on information that could have sent some ex-Nazis to jail. One after another, cases have come to light that pointed to the fact that after the war, many top Nazis were secretly given refuge and special treatment by the Allies, and in particular by America and Britain.

It is now openly acknowledged by the American government that Klaus Barbi, the butcher of Lyons, worked with the CIA for some time before he was assisted by them to secretly relocate to Bolivia!
Werner von Braun, whose V1 and V2 rockets caused firestorms in London, soon became beloved by America for his work in their space program.

Until the day Rudolph Hess died under suspicious circumstances, huge Spandau prison, capable of holding hundreds of prisoners, was kept open to hold him, and him alone. Never before has anyone been isolated to that degree. The whole scenario appears rather ridiculous until one views the situation from the previously outlined perspective. The Allies may have been forced to do precisely this, had they given their word to do what they could to assist and comfort members of the German High Command should the Germans not triumph.(as they did not) More importantly, it would be further logical to assume that the Allies could not take the chance that Hess would in a moment of weakness, expose embarrassing war strategies to his fellow prisoners!

Many other known Nazi war criminals found easy and swift refuge in Canada and in many South American countries allied to the Western bloc.

Are we expected to see no significance either in the fact that Krupp's mammoth Rheinhausen steel works that had armed Hitler was, in fact, the only Ruhr valley steel mill that DID NOT get wiped out by allied bombing during World War II. Moreover, although Mr. Krupp, the German owner of that steel works, was convicted of war crimes at Nuremberg, he was out on the street again as a free man by 1951. Later, the (CIA installed) Shah of Iran bought a 25% interest in Krupp's company for $550 million.{B177}

Not surprisingly, when Russia was attacked by Germany, she received practically no assistance from her supposed Western Allies. Isn't it rather odd that the combined non-Communist Allied losses only amounted to slightly more than half a million, while Communist Russia, (our ally), lost over 20 million? Just for perspective sake, noteworthy statistics for war dead from 1939-1945 are as follows: {B178}

Although she remained unconquered, Russia's social and economic development was stunted for decades, especially due to the loss of approximately 95% of her able bodied men between the ages of 18 to 24. We helped our Russian allies all we could ...didn't we?

The American public were not hounded into feeling sympathetic for the Russians as they were for the Jews, because the Allies weren't installing Russians to run their new military base in the Middle East! Similarly, the Jews themselves attached little significance to Germany's massacre of 20 million Russians. The fact is made even more significant because it was the Russians who captured Berlin, and in a sense put an end to the Holocaust deaths!

America has for decades accused Russia of persecuting the Jews for not allowing them to leave Russia, when in fact, the travel restrictions affected all Russians in the same way. However, the American media succeeded in purposely transferring the "persecutor of the Jews" label, earned by the Nazis, directly to the communists.

Now that the propaganda value has drastically diminished, America's supposed concern for Soviet Jews is at last being exposed for what it always was, a method of discrediting Russia, and a tool to generate propaganda support for Israeli imperialism. The truth of the matter is that America has secretly been making it much harder for Soviet Jews to immigrate to America despite its image to the contrary.{B179} Not only is there now a 12-18 month waiting period for Jews applying to the American consulate in Moscow for immigration to America, former Attorney General Edwin Meese introduced legislation that made it necessary for Soviet Jews to convince the Immigration and Naturalization Service that he or she suffered from a "well-founded fear of persecution." Additionally, legislation is currently being proposed that would reject any Soviet Jews who could not prove that they had "close family or other ties with America". America is now using every trick in the book to reject the immigration of Soviet Jews to America!!

To prevent Russia's war losses from generating sympathy in the West for Communists, history text books for baby boomers made little mention of Russia in connection with the Second World War. From the distorted movie accounts of the war, few would believe that it was not the Americans who marched into Berlin! American movies seem to feature only persecuted Jews, heroic Americans, and fanatical Germans, in that order. {B180}

Not only that, a few short years later, America was subjected to an era of McCarthyism in which every critic of the government, or society, was branded as a Communist. Considering the debt owed by the allies to Russia for her part in defeating Germany, the anti-Communist fever whipped up during the McCarthy era, by the media and the FBI among others, again posed more questions than it answered.

During the McCarthy era, society was purged of socialist sympathies in one fell swoop, and nowhere more so than in Hollywood.

Once that had been done, Hollywood churned out an endless stream of war movies in which America saved the world. So much so, that most Americans probably feel that they won the War pretty much single-handedly. Although Communism rapidly replaced Hitler as the major threat to freedom and democracy, the survivors of the holocaust have remained the underdogs in dire need of America's protection and financial aid.

In order to justify keeping Israel as America's top recipient of foreign aid, the American public has been subjected to an incessant and blatant media campaign relating to the Second World War, and focusing especially on aspects of the Jewish holocaust. When Israel had stepped up her campaign of killing Palestinian rock-throwing children, America TV viewers were bombarded virtually on a daily basis with war movies, documentaries, and special "made for TV docudramas" depicting the horror of the holocaust.

Programs involving Nazi and holocaust themes have been broadcast and re-broadcast so much by now that, as anticipated, the Jewish holocaust is etched into the American psyche as the world's single worst atrocity. No matter how severe other atrocities such as the dropping of atomic bombs on civilian populations have been, they are treated as merely unfortunate but necessary occurrences.

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