With regard to the persecution of Palestinians by those Jews who truly deserve to be called Imperialists, let the world acknowledge that the Palestinians are not being burned in ovens. However, they are being forcefully dispossessed of their traditional homelands and property by a minority of ultra right-wing leaders who have conscripted many normal caring Jewish human beings into taking part in modern imperialistic acts against Palestinians, just as many normal caring Germans were conscripted into persecuting the Jews, and many normal caring Americans were brainwashed into believing that it was morally right to drop atomic bombs on the civilians of two Japanese cities. To add insult to injury, the Japanese descendants of those who survived the war now serve as slaves to the current batch of Japanese economic elite overlords. And so it goes.

Even though I have sympathy for the Jewish victims of both German and Jewish overlords, I have even more sympathy for the Palestinians who have been relentlessly and agonizingly victimized for the last 40 years. It is to their plight that we now focus our attention.

Taking Over Palestinian Property

Practically everyday another handful of Arabs die trying to fight off the onslaught of Israeli imperialism in full view of the citizens of Western democracies who have been brainwashed by incessant television shows about the Jewish Holocaust into ignoring whatever atrocities the Jewish elite may commit.

The systematic takeover of Palestinian lands has normally involved two phases. Firstly, Palestinian villagers bordering Israeli occupied lands are intimidated and provoked to the point that an initial skirmish takes place that can in future be cited as a reason for sending in an armed commando force (often referred to as the Irgun),to forcefully overrun the village. Once the area is secure, the homes are blown up with explosives, or bulldozers are sent in to level the homes previously owned by the Palestinians who had the choice of dying in defense of their ancestral property, or fleeing for their lives. Next the occupation force, (commonly referred to as the Hagganagh), moves in. New settlers occupy the area and immediately build new houses to claim the real estate left by the terrified Arabs who were forced to flee.

Why destroy the Palestinian homes? Why not simply allow the Jewish settlers to take them over? Basically, two psychological tricks are being employed. Firstly, by physically destroying the actual buildings, the Israelis effectively diminish the will of the dispossessed Palestinians to reclaim their property. After all, the most useful aspect of their property had been their homes.

More importantly, the Israeli elite quite purposely wish to give the new settlers (the territory occupation force) an opportunity to delude themselves into believing that Palestinian land with Jewish built homes automatically and instantly becomes Jewish "homelands". The bottomline is that no matter how subtle or obvious the strategy appears to the reader, the trick appears to have fooled the majority of Jewish settlers into being relieved of imperialist guilt.

When the state of Israel was originally "created on paper" by the Western Allies, the Jewish population occupied only 6% of the real estate. Through their violent program of intolerance, harassment, intimidation, and aggression, followed by their policy of bulldozing Palestinian homes and installing new settlers, they now in 1989 occupy 70% of the real estate. This scenario has been carried out in village after village non-stop since 1948!!

Recently, Israeli scholar Dr. Benny Morris shattered the myth of an Arab exodus in 1948 by showing Zionist leaders' responsibility for the expulsion of Palestinians, with the help of the occasional massacre, between 1947 and 1949. Americans among others must no longer tolerate their country's support for this barbaric behavior without fully sharing in the blame!

The Jews have done to the Palestinians precisely what they blame the Germans for having done to them!!

If it looks like Israeli Imperialism, and waddles like Israeli Imperialism, and quacks like Israeli Imperialism, then ...

Handling The Palestinian Protests

To ward off any future dispute over the validity of Israel as a nation, the Western elite, who dominated the newly formed United Nations Organization made sure that Israel was given official international credibility and recognition by using their influence to install Israel as a member of the UN within a year of the initial invasion.

The Western conspiracy against the Palestinians, at least in hindsight, should be obvious. To begin with, the Palestinians were dispersed as refugees throughout the adjoining Middle Eastern countries, thus making initial coordinated protest next to impossible. When these genuine Palestinian Freedom Fighters eventually organized themselves into the P.L.O. to protest openly, the Western elite purposely refused to recognize the legitimacy of their organization, and for the past 40 years, have continually denied them the opportunity of openly discussing the issues using peaceful methods of negotiation{B176}

When the Palestinians finally turned in total and utter frustration to hostage taking to draw world attention to their situation, the West couldn't have been more pleased because they then launched a media campaign to thoroughly discredit the Palestinian protests by making the term "P.L.O." synonymous with terrorism.

The American elite to this day threaten to cut off funds to any of the UN organizations which allow the PLO to participate as a member nation. Even 40 years later, the Western elite are still trying to deny the existence of a people with at least 2000 years of claim to Palestine, but who were sacrificed (somewhat like the holocaust victims) as pawns in a global game of chess. Because Israel was accepted as a member of the UN on May 11 1949, less than one year after its creation, it should be perfectly clear that Palestinians were being purposely gagged, persecuted and maligned simply to allow Israeli (Allied) imperialism to continue.

A Mountain of Telltale Evidence

The circumstances existing prior to the creation of Israel leave little doubt that the West had every reason to wish for Russia's downfall, as well as Israel's creation. Next, everyone would have to agree that the Holocaust was carefully planned, and carried out just as methodically. So all that we are trying to determine is not whether anyone would sacrifice several million Jews, but what the exact reasons were for doing it.

We will now consider additional telltale evidence supporting the argument that

the Holocaust victims were purposely sacrificed not to satisfy one of Hitler's fanatical whims (as the West has always stated), but to generate worldwide sympathy for the Jews so that the Allied forces could successfully create a territory in the Middle East in which they could legitimately establish a military base to safeguard their colonial interests throughout the area.

First of all, the German High Command would have been acutely aware that Germany would have suffered the same dire economic consequences if she too had been denied passage through the Suez. So logically, Hitler would have gladly welcomed a plan to establish an Allied military base close to the Canal.

But because Germany had more reason to be concerned about the spread of Communism over her borders from Russia, than about the loss of oil concessions in the Middle East, it would have been a very logical division of labor for Germany to attack Russia (with the assurance that the Allies wouldn't interfere), and for America and Britain to invade Palestine and set up their military base to safeguard the Canal.

If Hitler did hate the Jews, then a plan for him to purposely sacrifice several million Jews to ensure the successful creation of Israel, that would in time absorb the remaining Jews left in Germany, must have sounded to him too good to be true.

As we are all aware how readily the American High Command resort to destroying evidence which incriminates them, it would be fair to say that by now, all the Allied governments have had time to purge their records completely of any overtly incriminating details that may have remained. Nevertheless, both Britain's and America's actions clearly point to covert goals, strategies, and agreements.

You be the judge.

9 More Puzzle Pieces That Now Fit Perfectly

As a condition of losing the First World War, Germany was prohibited from rearming! However, we are supposed to overlook or perhaps see no significance in the fact that the allies not only helped Germany rebuild, they allowed her to rearm so well that the combined armies of the rest of Europe supposedly took till 1945 to defeat her. Although it is possible that German leaders were unaware of why Germany was being allowed to rearm, it is rather unlikely. At the very least, it would be logical to assume that Germany could have been enticed by the Allied elite to attack Russia. A tentative agreement regarding the potential division of spoils could easily have been worked out among the Feudal elite. In fact, the Allies may have had the alliance treaty with Russia as a red herring to partially disarm Russia, who would have naturally counted on her allies to provide at least some military assistance if attacked.

After the war, we were told that Britain had cracked the German communications code as early as 1941, and that Churchill definitely knew that Coventry was to be heavily bombed. But, he purposely allowed Coventry to endure a German bombing blitz on April 11, 1941, without forewarning the city. Why? The city was supposedly sacrificed in order to keep secret the fact that the Allies could listen in on all of Germany's strategic plans since early in 1941.

However, we are still asked to believe that the Holocaust came as a shock to the allies in the closing days of war, which occurred 4 years after the British had cracked the German communication code!!

Are we to believe that every time the Germans discussed the details of building the ovens, and the logistics of collecting and

{B176}"PLO quest for U.N. status bogs down in muddled state "Insight (Jun 19 1989): p34