Chapter 5

The Most Ruthless Hoax of All

The Elite's Violent Global Game of Chess

For centuries, the game of Chess has intrigued and entertained countless people with a fascination that goes beyond the mere challenge of devising cunning strategies for a battle of wits. Its origins trace back to the very roots of our culture and economy, and so it remains a tangible reminder of our social history.

Feudalism, with its strict class system, served as both an inspiration and a model for the game, which visibly depicts in miniature the results of the interplay of some of the major forces which interacted to shape feudal society. The game may very well have been devised by a monarch who had difficulty planning social and military strategies strictly in his head, because the game pieces characterize these various social forces, and have relative values that are in keeping with their counterparts in real life.

No doubt, Chess has assisted many Kings and Queens to plan the management of their realms, but those of us who are not monarchs also stand to benefit greatly from a closer look at the roles both Feudalism, and the game of Chess, have played in the development of our society. Like chess, modern day politics can be described as the carrying out of strategies devised by those in power to maximize their wealth or power.

Manipulation, Intimidation, Violence, Ruthlessness

Never is the elite's manipulation and exploitation of the working class more evident than when they use violence to maintain their dominance. History clearly shows that in peace time, they rule with manipulation, and if even mildly challenged, ...with intimidation. When threatened, they resort to violence and war with little or no hesitation; and when seriously threatened, they readily employ a level of violence that respects absolutely no ethical limitations (e.g., ... Atom bombs, napalm, agent orange, torture, Mai-Lai, the holocaust, ...these are all Chess strategies carried out by the current Western elite).

The police, the FBI, the CIA , and of course the armed forces are all used by the elite as required. Most have been subjected to strict military indoctrination and trained to follow orders without question. Although it is rare when the elite cannot achieve their domestic objectives using peaceful methods such as legislation, police have in the past been encouraged to be heavy handed and even brutal to dissuade the meek and moderates from joining peaceful, and worthy protest actions. Police have frequently used brutal violence to suppress both anti-apartheid and anti-Vietnam demonstrations, in fact, the murders of four Kent State University students by the National Guard bear witness to the level of force sometimes deemed necessary to keep freedom of speech in it's proper place.

When necessary, the media is employed to justify the actions of enforcement groups whose strings may have been pulled to arrest demonstrators by enforcing loitering by-laws or disturbing the peace by-laws. The use of tactics such as these, to impede or hassle groups that protest peacefully against aspects of our society, really defines the boundaries of our freedoms.

Sure there are honest and dedicated editors, politicians, lawyers, judges, cops etc., but they have little impact on the controlling power of the elite minority. Generally, they are tolerated and occasionally placed in the limelight, as it helps to maintain the illusion of a just society. But when anyone appears such as Martin Luther King, who genuinely threatens the status quo, the whole elite community start pulling strings together until the situation is again under control way or another. At times such as these, for a brief period, the democratic pretenses and illusions are cast aside and the true nature, of what passes for a benevolent democracy, is exposed.

In his long reign as head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover not only provided a secret service for the elite, but effectively emasculated many opposition groups by labeling their activities as "Communist inspired and financed". It is worth noting that Lee Harvey Oswald had previously worked for the FBI. Jack Ruby is certainly a matter for speculation.

In previous decades, and especially during the hippie era, it was quite common to frame a victim or organization by planting drugs on the premises either before or during a raid, not only to discredit the individual or the organization, but to provide a pretext to confiscate records or documents for perusal, to learn a group's strategy or plans etc. In cases like Watergate, where the planting of drugs was out of the question, it became necessary to break-in in order to confiscate records.

Furthermore, using infiltrators, both CIA and FBI have controlled the growth and effectiveness of many a legitimate group such as the National Students' Association. In the past, the standard routine to discredit any of the elite's serious critics has simply been to brand them as Communists.

In addition to using the police and FBI to emasculate any support for Socialism or Communism in America, the CIA has been used to achieve the same results abroad. While it began as an Intelligence gathering organization, it did not remain that way very long. In the last 40 years, the world has witnessed an enormous number of political coups, most of which have been instigated and funded by political forces from outside the country. For superpowers, the strategic and economic rewards related to the overthrow of non-sympathetic governments usually far outweigh the inconveniences involved with organizing a coup and installing a puppet government.

Furthermore, the once confidential Doolittle Report made it abundantly clear that any and all tactics and actions necessary to achieve these objectives, were unofficially condoned. Actions to thwart Communism, whether illegal or not, are usually treated as patriotic actions, and for all intents and purposes, normally place the operatives and their actions above the law. Not surprisingly, the CIA covertly engages in the training, arming, and funding of paid mercenaries whose guerrilla activities involve assassinating heads of foreign governments, and acting as hit men (or collectively as death squads) to weed out political opponents, or simply harass and intimidate villagers and their leaders into voting in a particular way or risk future punishment.

When political coups have taken place, history has shown that the elite most often choose military strongmen to assume the role of puppet dictators, mainly because of their natural orientation to brute force as a means of maintaining domination, and because they would most willingly invite the superpower to increase their military support. Consequently, America has allied itself with the world's dictators and monarches because they are notoriously the fiercest advocates for maintaining the supremacy of an economic elite, ...i.e. leaders interested in the perpetuation of Feudalism. Congress meanwhile continues to turn a blind eye to the abundant well-documented proof that the American elite, through the CIA, actively and knowingly initiate programs to destabilize and overthrow unsympathetic foreign governments, whose geographical locations and/or resources are considered strategically or economically valuable.

There is no shortage of documentation showing the CIA's direct interference in the political machinery of countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Iran, Cuba, the Philippines, Honduras, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Panama, Libya, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Haiti, Chile, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc., etc.. In fact, this short list only hints at the extent of American attempts to force Feudalism on the peoples of foreign countries. Invariably, the elite engage in extensive and coordinated misinformation campaigns, both at home and abroad, to justify otherwise unethical foreign policy alliances and activities.

Prior to the advent of better technology, wars used to be directed from strategy rooms safely located deep underground in which were located huge strategy tables. The surface of these tables were covered with geographical maps of the war zones upon which miniature models of ships, tanks, infantry battalions, etc., were moved about, and when necessary, completely removed from the strategy tables in an effort to maintain a visual model of war zone reality to assist in the formulation of ongoing strategies. The parallels with Chess are obvious, especially with regard to the use and expendability of all resources, human or otherwise, at the disposal of the dominant strategists. At the combat level, soldiers caught up in the heroics of war, fight for their very survival seemingly oblivious to ethical and moral realities, or even to the real causes of the war, while in the relative safety of a strategy room, indoctrinated generals exercise power over the pawns at their disposal.

Young men who were considered legally too young to drink alcohol, were conscripted like lambs to the slaughter to risk their lives and die in South-East Asia. About 58,000 U.S. soldiers died in Vietnam. Many of those who didn't make the journey home in a body bag were physically and mentally maimed. Like their counterparts in Feudal days, they stood to gain virtually nothing from either victory or defeat. Most were too young to own anything but a minuscule part of the nation's assets. In fact plenty of war veterans who risked their lives in Vietnam are currently homeless and unemployed. Many finally realized that they had been conscripted not in defense of their own country, but to ensure the future prosperity of the economic elite. Bitter and disillusioned, many took to alcohol and drugs in an effort to drown out the harshness of reality after the war had removed their naivete. Perhaps it was a delayed reaction to the abrupt introduction to war's reality, and their role in it, that explains why more than 50,000 soldiers committed suicide after they returned home!! Broadcasting that fact would have made it much more difficult to recruit or conscript more pawns (suckers) for their next chess battle, so chances are you probably didn't get to hear that shocking statistic.

To add insult to injury, hawkish George Bush picked as his vice-president, Dan Quayle, himself a devoted hawk who had been among those sons of the privileged elite who had strings pulled on their behalf to serve military lip service in the home guard, within rifle shot of fine restaurants and cultural entertainment. This sort of class discrimination is yet another manifestation of the social controls exercised for the benefit of hypocritical economic elite and their families.

With Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles and nuclear submarines, the commanders of our armed forces no longer have to be the lean, mean, fighting machines. Today their stringent indoctrination leave most of them acting like robots. Properly indoctrinated, the militant enforcement arm will detonate a nuclear bomb, fire a nuclear missile, assassinate a foreign leader, or indoctrinate subordinates with the same level of hesitation. None.

We have all honestly laughed, and truly enjoyed the ceaseless MASH TV series, which uses a sanitized version of a war zone as a setting for humor. Unfortunately, due to its longevity, the series gave the viewer not only excellent humor, but a benign concept of war. In reality however, gassing millions of Jews to death, dropping atomic bombs on the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, have like all other war atrocities, become part of the legacy of chess-like strategies used to maintain the dominance of our Western feudal lords. Even more disgustingly, both Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been purposely left untouched by conventional bombing so that the true effects of the atomic bomb could be accurately studied. Facts such as these are kept secret for decades to hide the indefensible strategies of war.