American complicity in cleaning out other countries' vaults has occurred on plenty of occasions and must be recognized as an integral aspect of American foreign policy!!

The wealth removals that occurred when General Ky left South Vietnam, when Baby Doc left Haiti, and when Ferdinand Marcos left the Philippines, ...are just a few more of the recent examples. America also helped Chiang Kai-shek to "remove" much of China's art treasures and to clean out the China's Central Bank Reserves when the Communists came to power in 1949.

Unfortunately, robbing foreign countrys' treasuries is just another of the many tactics the American elite uses to hobble the economies of governments newly formed by grass roots citizens who have banded together to depose their dictators.

Possible Corrective Actions

The bottom 90 percent must first of all concentrate their lobbying efforts to get rid of consolidated ownership and control of the media, ...especially of TV and newspapers.

Democracy becomes a government of
bullies tempered by editors.

As long as the American public see nothing unusual with ex-(national security advisers) and ex-Presidents exercising their power and influence within Hollywood movie studio boardrooms, and ex-(CIA agents) operating as newspaper editors, American Feudalism and Neocolonialism will certainly flourish.

Big Brother is operating quite satisfactorily, thank you.