Chapter 2

The Hoax Of Democracy

There is easily as much myth, illusion, and deceit built into the concepts of democracy as there is with the myth of equitable prosperity. Democracy, and American democracy in particular, is certainly not as cut and dried as it may superficially appear.

Trojan Democracy

To begin with, it would do well to keep in mind that Greek democracy, after which the Western democracies were patterned, ran on slave labor! Most of the mundane work of Greek society was carried out by a large work force of slaves, who like the Feudal serfs and the early American black slaves, exerted virtually no influence over their masters. Additionally, the majority of the Greek population, comprised collectively of the slaves, plus the Greek women, were prohibited from voting! So, in the sense that Americans use the word democracy, Greece did not have a democracy because much less than half the population voted.

Be wary of capitalists bearing democracy.

Unfortunately, nowadays most Americans have been programmed into simply equating democracy with voting. In reality, the ballot box does not automatically ensure democracy. On the contrary, it can also be used as a tool to defeat the will of the majority.

For example, in countries like Chile, elections such as were held in October 1988, are as dangerous as they are superficially promising. Although Pinochet suffered a landslide loss at the polls, he disregarded the results and refused to give up his power as dictator. Despite his loss at the polls, holding an election was of great benefit to him. It not only mapped out clearly where his supporters lived, but where the greatest concentrations of his political opponents lived! While the ballot system is only secret at the individual level, it can and does in reality expose whole villages to the threat of death squads. Death squads simply love democracy, it makes their job so much easier.

In El Salvador, America pumped in more than $5 billion during the last decade to prop up the virtual dictatorship of President Jose Napoleon Duarte whose death squads have so terrorized the electorate (by assassinating unsympathetic mayors), that over a third of the country's 262 municipalities are without a head. {B102} {B103} Although the concept (of exposing one's city, town, or village to the threat of death squads) may have little meaning in America, it does expose, however, that in countries where death squads prevail, it is meaningless to point to election results either as proof of a dictator's popularity or as justification for continued economic and military support from America.

In Columbia, the left-wing Patriotic Union party had its presidential candidate murdered in October 1987, and its deputy leader murdered on March 3 1989. Furthermore, 29 of its 87 candidates for mayoral office in the 1986 elections have since been murdered. {B104}

In Guatemala, which normally makes America's top 10 list for foreign aid (as does El Salvador), more than 150,000 citizens have been murdered since the CIA helped to topple the democratically elected President Arbenz back in 1950.

So, having looked briefly at Greek, and death squad democracy, it should be obvious that democracy comes in many guises. And, because it does serve both good and evil purposes equally well, let's objectively look at how democracy is being used in America.

Quite logically, American democracy should have at least two obvious characteristics:

Since everyone in America can vote, the system should reflect the will of the majority. However, it would be both naive and absurd to assume that the bottom 90% voluntarily choose to have a socioeconomic arrangement whereby not just one but two minority groups own more wealth than they. Obviously, American democracy does not reflect the will of the bottom 90%, so we will now investigate the methods used by the elite to successfully subvert the democratic process to ensure that wealth and economics still constitute the real power and controlling forces as they always have.

The first method worth considering is closely related to death squad democracy, in that the votes cast in America also show the exact locations where opposition party strengths are located. But instead of sending death squads, Western politicians simply alter the electoral district boundaries to maximize their seat winning potential for the next elections. This old democracy defeating ploy is called "gerrymandering", and is still used throughout the West by those who have contempt for democracy.
Like the death squads, gerrymanderers love democracy too!

However, with regard to contempt for democracy, no one does a better job at defeating democracy than the country's lawmakers. {B105}

The Power of Lawmakers

Since society's laws determine the structure of society and how it operates, democracy boils down to getting control over the lawmaking process. To begin with, the rich have always known the power that accompanies the writing of the rules, and that is why they have never allowed that power to slip out of their grasp. After all, the laws determine not only who does or doesn't pay taxes, but also who benefits from the collected tax money. Thus, control of law gives control over the making and keeping of wealth.

The Founding Fathers were also acutely aware of the role of legislation, so, in an attempt to prevent the economic elite from continuing to use their power to manipulate the rest of society, they wrote a Constitution that attempted to banish Feudal conditions forever. As you may have guessed,

The original constitution never intended that the top 1% should be capable of possessing more wealth than the combined wealth of the bottom 90 percent. If it did, then the constitution was a Feudal charter right from the beginning!

To have strayed so far from the original visionary concepts, old laws have had to be altered, and new ones introduced. And this is where the elected politicians enter the picture. They introduce bills that they themselves vote into law. Not surprisingly, the bills they introduce and make into law reflect to whom they have given their allegiance. This is precisely why there is a glut of very complex taxation orientated laws favoring the elite and their corporations.

Conservatism vs Liberalism

The long and short of it is that since the Founding Fathers departed, the elite have used their wealth and power to introduce countless tax laws that maintain and even enhance the Feudal wealth distribution structure.

That is what "Conservatism" is all about! That is also why the elite go so far out of their way to discredit "Liberalism", which allows for changes to the status quo. "Conservatism" maintains the status quo and that in turn ensures the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. The reason we have a democratic society being run as a Feudal oligarchy lies not with a faulty constitution, but with a subversive voting system that connects the elite directly with the politicians.

Lobbying (America's #1 Voting System)

American laws cater to the special interests of the feudal elite, not because the existing popular system of voting is at fault, but because America has, not just one, ...but two voting systems!!

In the first voting system, the general public is allowed, every few years, to put a tick on a voting ballot that almost totally prevents them from having any say whatsoever with regard to controversial issues of the day. Prior to the election, discussion of important controversial topics is avoided wherever possible in favor of discrediting one's opponent, or getting lost behind a patriotic smoke screen.

In the second and somewhat covert voting system, roughly 23,000 lobbyists swarm over Capitol Hill every day to fight for favors on behalf of the "special interest groups" that can afford to hire them. On a daily basis, the economic elite can send their legion of lawyers to talk directly with specific congressmen to make bargains with the legislators behind closed doors.

What kind of favors do the wealthy bargain for? Well, they bargain for such goodies as personal or corporate income tax concessions, or a means of getting around the inheritance tax, or for price subsidies, or write-offs for any number of things, or to have the capital gains tax reduced even further, etc., etc.,.

Why do the elite have so much power over the legislators? ...two reasons. To get elected, a politician requires votes. To get votes a candidate requires campaign support in the form of money and publicity. Nowadays, getting elected is a very, very costly business. Even though most politicians have small personal fortunes, few politicians would be willing to personally fund their own campaigns and risk losing the bulk of their personal wealth just for an opportunity to unselfishly serve the public. In big states like New Jersey or Illinois, a candidate in the 1990 elections can easily require $10 million to compete. {B106} In 1988, the average Senator spent $4 million to campaign. {B107} So even those with a few million can end up on the payroll through the need for election campaign support.

Therefore a politician doesn't even get to first base without the support of a sympathetic media and without financial contributions from benefactors with money to spare. This, for all intents and purposes, excludes the bottom 90%, and leaves corporations, wealthy individuals, and other business interests.

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