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Educational Songs and Activities for Kids age 2 to 9.

The Workshops

Suzee Science-Singer bursts into the room singing. She teaches a couple of songs about a specific scientific subject to the children who sing along. Then they do some movement games, art projects and safe, simple experiments to reinforce the concept.

Workshops run an hour. A list of supplies (most of which are commonly available in the schools) will be provided upon request.

All workshops deal with subject matter following the British Columbia Ministry's guidelines for the IRP Curriculums.

Workshop participation is limited to one supervised class.

The following workshops are available at this time:
(This is the suggested order.)
  1. Bugs and Seeds
  2. H2O(Liquids, Solids and Gases)
  3. Teeny Weeny Electrons(Static Electricity)
  5. Outer Space
  6. Symbols
  7. Fractions

Songs for Children is listed in the Artstarts Directory as having 60% AEI Funding.

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