Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund Information Page

The Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund is available to assist any Canadian comic book retailer, distributor, publisher or creator who find themselves victims of Canada's unique obscenity laws.

The CLLDF was formed in 1987 by Derek McCulloch and paul Stockton to raise money for the defense of Comic Legends, a Calgary, Alberta comic shop whose owners were charged with selling obscene materials. The CLLDF paid the cost of Comic Legends' initial court case, which ended with their conviction and a fine of $5500. Subsequently, the CLLDF paid for an appeal, which did not overturn the conviction, but did result in a reduction of the fine to $3000.

Since then, the Fund has been maintained to provide financial succor for those fighting the suppression of comic book material. Most recently, the Fund has made several donations to the Little Sisters' lawsuit against Canada Customs, and paid the expenses of expert witnesses brought in to testify on behalf of Marc Laliberte, a fanzine publisher in Windsor. Laliberte was acquitted on all charges.

In order to raise money for the fight, the CLLDF has produced two TRUE NORTH comic book anthologies, containing stories by many of the top Canadian and international comic book creators. They have also produced a Cerebus poster by Dave Sim and Gerhard, reproducing the cover of the first TRUE NORTH.


For more information on the CLLDF, please contact the Administrators at the addresses below.

in Eastern Canada:
paul Stockton, 183 Woodycrest Ave., Toronto, Ont, M4J 3C2

in Western Canada
Leonard S Wong, P.O. Box 48873, Bentall Station, Vancouver, B.C., V7X 1A8
(604) 322-6412 (phone/fax)

The American fund is the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. They have a much heavier caseload than we do, and are also deserving of your support. To visit their web page, hit here.

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Find out a whole lot more about censorship in Canada by visiting the Chronicle of Freedom of Expression in Canada site.

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last updated: February 8, 2003