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Song of the Thirteen Postures

ch'i - lian - ru - gu

The thirteen postures should not be taken lightly;
The source of the postures lies in the waist.

Be mindful of the insubstantial and substantial changes;
The ch'i (breath) spreads throughout without hindrance.

Being still, when attacked by the opponent, be tranquil and move in stillness;
(My) changes caused by the opponent fill him with wonder.

Study the function of each posture carefully and with deliberation;
To achieve the goal is very easy.

Pay attention to the waist at all times;
Completely relax the abdomen and the ch'i (breath) rises up.

When the coccyx is straight, the shen (spirit) goes through the headtop.

To make the whole body light and agile suspend the headtop.

Carefully study.

Extension and contraction, opening and closing, should be natural.

To enter the door and be shown the way, you must be orally taught.
The practice is uninterrupted, and the technique (achieved) by self study.

Speaking of the body and its function, what is the standard?

The i (mind) and ch'i (breath) are king, and the bones and muscles are the court.

Think over carefully what the final purpose is: to lengthen life and maintain youth.

The song consists of 140 characters;
Each character is true and the meaning is complete.

If you do not study in this manner, then you'll waste your time and sigh.

Translated by Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo, Martin Inn, Robert Amacker and Susan Foe

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