Below is a partial list of Engineers who have died in the service of Canada

Dieppe Korea Peacekeeping

Courtesy DND

Sergeant Shane Stachnik

Age : 30

Home Town : Waskatenau, Alberta

Unit : 2 Combat Engineer Regiment (Petawawa, Ontario)

Deceased : September 3rd, 2006

Incident : Ground offensive, Afghanistan

Lt John Spouse

A granddaughter remembers!

6 Field Engineer Squadron

On 12 April 2003, 6 Field Engineer Squadron, North Vancouver BC, unveiled plaques with 144 names of those who had died in World War I. However these were names had been lost in history. Recent research by a former Commanding Officer brought these names to light

The "Missing" 144
Davie, HS Lieutentant
Evans, AJL Lieutentant
McKnight, AW Lieutentant
Dalgleish, NJ 2nd Lieutentant
Lake, TA Lieutentant
Burnett, J Staff Sergeant
Manby, CS Sergeant
Russell, G Sgt
Spink, RJ Sergeant
Winning, A Sergeant
Rees-Thomas, SH Corporal
Robertson,WH Corporal
Boyd, K ACorporal
Apps, WJ 2Corporal
Cocksedge, G 2Corporal
Seaton, EH 2Cpl
Surphlis, CE A2Corporal
Cambell, J LCorporal
Greer, J LCorporal
Hawkes CR LCorporal
Troup, A LCorporal
Abbott, CH Sapper
Agate, F Sapper
Aiken, SE Sapper
Ainsworth-Ball, GE Sapper
Alexander, HJ Sapper
Allen, AM Sapper
Asbury, AG Sapper
Bartlett, EW Sapper
Bartlett, S Sapper
Beasley, C. Sapper
Blaksmore, AC Sapper
Bower, WA Sapper
Boxall,CR Sapper
Brand, CH Sapper
Briggs, TL Sapper
Brookes, EL Sapper
Brooks, FW Sapper
Brown, HO Sapper
Carey, J Sapper
Christopher, FA Sapper
Christophersen, C Sapper
Ciacc, A Sapper
Clifford, R Sapper
Coates, AN Sapper
Cochrane, W Sapper
Collins, J Sapper
Corbett, E Sapper
Cornwall, TH Sapper
Cunningham, HT Sapper
Cunningham, J Sapper
Davie, FG Sapper
Deacon, H Sapper
Dempsey, JW Sapper
Dick, W Sapper
Dooley, M Sapper
Dupont, JEV Sapper
Edwards, JG Sapper
Elgood, GM Sapper
Fieldsend, G Sapper
Forrest, A Sapper
Fraser, E Sapper
Gaba, J Sapper
Garrard, FRB Sapper
Gillette, JH Sapper
Gilmour, W Sapper
Gray, D Sapper
Grove, FJ Sapper
Hall, JT Sapper
Harding, J Sapper
Harvey, JC Sapper
Holmes, JC Sapper
Hubbard, CW Sapper
Hurst, PJH Sapper
Hutchinson, GAN, Sapper
Jenner, WG Sapper
Johnson, A Sapper
Johnson, BS Sapper
Johnson, WC Sapper
Jordan, BH Sapper
Kay, RG Sapper
Kemp, JH Sapper
Laity, LH Sapper
Lambert, T Sapper
Law, RF Sapper
Lennox, VJ Sapper
Lynch, J Sapper
Mayers, JH Sapper
McConnell, J Sapper
McDonald, J Sapper
McDonald, M Sapper
McDonald, N Sapper
McDowell, JLW Sapper
McIntosh, ID Sapper
McLachlan, AR Sapper
McMillan, NA Sapper
McNab, W Sapper
McPherson, JA Sapper
Merrell, GC Sapper
Milburn, J Sapper
Morrison, C Sapper
Munro, GE Sapper
Murphy, P Sapper
Muray, VA Sapper
Mutter, NSD Sapper
Newton, J Sapper
Oding, A Sapper
O'Flaherty, D Sapper
Palmer, DG Sapper
Pearson, TR Sapper
Peters, HG Sapper
Pineo, MW Sapper
Plummer, F Sapper
Polwart, CA Sapper
Prismall, BY Sapper
Ratcuffe, H Sapper
Revell, GE Sapper
Reynolds, F Sapper
Richmond, TG Sapper
Riley, EH Sapper
Rolling, AC Sapper
Roots, FW Sapper
Rowe, MA Sapper
Rowe, A Sapper
Roy, PP Sapper
Sewell, HG Sapper
Sewell, JP Sapper
Simpson, S Sapper
Sinclair, A Sapper
Soltau, CH Sapper
Steinberger, R Sapper
Stephens, RG Sapper
Stevens, A Sapper
Stewart, AJ Sapper
Stewart, GA Sapper
Stewart, HR Sapper
Taylor, DG Sapper
Tola, A Sapper
Wells, H Sapper
Whaley, H Sapper
White, HM Sapper
Wilson, RH Sapper
Witchell AJ, Sapper
Wood, JA Sapper


Barnes Harold C.  Sapper 2nd Field Company
Bergey Oliver L. Sapper 2nd Field Company
Bisset William N. Sapper 2nd Field Company
Bockus  Leslie E. Sapper 2nd Field Company
Bream Raymond A. Sapper 2nd Field Company
Brown William Albert Sapper 2nd Field Company
Charlotte Peter Sapper 2nd Field Company
Cowlishaw Frank Sapper 2nd Field Company
Davidson Alexander R. Sapper 11th Field Company
Elliott Delbert A. Sapper 2nd Field Company
Gage Thomas R. Lance Corporal 2nd Field Company
Hall Alfred H. Lance Corporal 7th Field Company
Hodson Cyril Sapper 7th Field Company
Jones Glyn Sapper 1st Field Park Company
Maville Joesph J. Sapper 2nd Field Company
McCaslin William H Sapper 1st Field Park Company
McGie Chester Sapper 2nd Field Company
McTavish Gordon H.
Lieutenant Colonel
4th Battalion RCE
Millar William A.
7th Field Company
Murray Ronald C. Sargent 7th Field Company
Oliver Sydney G. Sapper 11th Field Company
Ramsay John Sapper 11th Field Company
Russell Thomas D. Corporal 2nd Field Company
Sharp Clarence J. Sapper 7th Field Company
Shova Elmer Sapper 11th Field Company
Smith Hugh Sapper 11th Field Company
Williams Stuart Sapper 7th Field Company


Davis Henry Glenwood Sapper 7 November 1951
Ducasse Gilles Sapper 11 August 1952
Fortier Albert Sapper 23 February 1953
Giebert Henry Benhart Sapper 22 March 1952
McNeil Alexander Sapper 21 May 1954
Morris Frederick Sapper 12 June 1952
Muir William Sapper 5 October 1950
Shaw Burton Sapper 16 November 1952
Sutton Thomas Patrick Sapper 24 July 1952
Watson L. A. Sapper 23 November 1951
Wright John O'Hara Sapper 25 August 1951


Royal Canadian Engineers
Sapper  Rene H. VEZINA  United Nations Emergency Force  9 March 1957
Sergeant  Ivan L. STARK United Nations Emergency Force  27 September 1957
Sapper George G. THOMPSON United Nations Emergency Force  18 May 1962.
Sapper John LORIENZ United Nations Emergency Force  12 July 1966. 

Canadian Military Engineers

Sergeant  Larry W. DAILY  Can Con CE  United Nations Emergency Force, Middle East  10 November 1977
Corporal  Darryl C. ROSS att Can Log Coy United Nations Disengagement Observer Force 3 March 1978
Sergeant  Cornelius M. RALPH, CD.
22 Field Sqn
 4 CER
United Nations Protection Force 17 August 1992
Master Corporal  Mark R. ISFELD 1 CER United Nations Protection Force  21 June 1994
Sapper  Chris HOLOPINA  2 CER Implementation Force 4 July 1996
Sapper Gilles DESMARAIS  2 CER Stabilization Force 25 September 1998