For the past several years, Echo 2 has posted, on this site, a list of Engineer Memorials. The list was an extract from the book  “CUSTOMS of the CANADIAN MILITARY ENGINEERS”, 2004 edition.

This book has now been posted on the internet, where everyone can view with ease. You will find the book here. The memorials will be found in Chapter 4 - Annex A. If you would like to go directly to the chapter, click here.

Although the latest edition of  Customs of the Canadian Military Engineers has been published, the search for engineer memorials continues.

We seek your help to ensure that the ‘memorials’ section is as complete as we can make it. We suspect that there are other memorials that should be included and are looking for help to identify and locate them. We are using a very broad definition of a memorial .." something that commemorates, preserves the memory of..."and will include those that memorialize the British and French engineers in Canada. Memorials can be for individuals, units, accomplishments, and the like.  We would like to know as many details as are available: who/what is memorialized, location, date of dedication, description, and wording of any inscription. If you are going by memory, even a general recollection may be sufficient for us to follow up.

We also work with the Organization of Military Museums memorial project  to ensure National registration and display of our memorials. If you have proposed items for that database, it would be helpful if you first informed us  in order to ensure co-ordination.

Send any information to Ken Holmes

In the meantime Echo 2, will continue to publish any new memorials which come to our attention.


Memorial @ Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve (former Wet Gap), Chilliwack BC

our search continues .....

November 2004

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