Sgt Tommy Prince

1915 - 77

Tommy Prince was born in October 1915, Petersfield Manitoba. He was the great-great-grandson of the famed Chief Peguis. At age five, his family moved to the Brokenhead Reserve, about 80 km north of Winnipeg.

Like many others at the time, when World War broke out, Tommy tried to join the military. His initial efforts to join the infantry were not successful, due to many others ahead of him. Finally he applied to and was accepted by the Royal Canadian Engineers on 3 June 1940. He was a member of 1st Corps Field Park Company.

In England, Prince found life monotonous and boring, doing guard duty around military and civilian buildings and carrying out routine jobs, everything but fighting the enemy. When volunteers were called to train as paratroopers, Prince saw it as an opportunity to get into battle.

With other soldiers, who were already in England, prince underwent training at the Parachute Training School, Royal Air Force Station Ringway near Manchester England.

He was thus transferred from 1st Corps Field Park Company, Royal Canadian Engineers, to the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion. He later transferred to 1st Canadian Special Service Battalion (the Devils Brigade) where he became a highly decorated soldier.

the most decorated Canadian Aboriginal veteran


Sgt Tommy Prince, is held in high esteem by not only the Parachute Battalions of World War II, but the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI). However Engineers also take pride in the fact that at one point Tommy Prince was one of us, once a Sapper always a Sapper.

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