Airborne Grouping 2 CER

1977 - 93

The Armed Forces authorized a Defense Structure Review in December 1974. This resulted in the decision to move the Canadian Airborne Regiment from Edmonton Alberta to Petawawa Ontario. This was authorized 26 November 1976.

At the same time as the move, the Canadian Airborne lost it's independent formation status. It was now part of the Special Service Force (which was an amalgamation of units from 2 Combat Group and the Canadian Airborne Regiment).

The Airborne Field Squadron and the Airborne Artillery Battery were removed form the Order of Battle. These capabilities taken over by airborne elements of 2 Combat Engineer Regiment (2 CER) and 2nd Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (2 RCHA).

The Airborne Engineers of 2 CER comprised of a Airborne Field Troop, certain positions in Support Squadron and a Headquarters element. This became the Airborne Grouping 2 CER