Airborne Bridges

1968 - 77



The Canadian Military Engineers Centennial committee, CME 2003, and the Trans Canada Trail Foundation, joined together in a co-operative national program entitled "Bridges for Canada." This three year bridge-building initiative memorialized the military engineers' centennial in 2003.

The program had military engineers constructing bridges along the Trans Canada Trail, which is the longest recreational trail in the world. To date at total of 30 bridges have been constructed.

The Bridges for Canada campaign raised funds for bridges along the Trans Canada Trail that Canadian Military Engineers are constructing. Donors will have their name permanently engraved on the Canadian Military Engineers Walls of a Trans Canada Trail Pavilion in Halifax, NS.

Echo2 coordinated efforts to raised funds ($500) for a Bridge. My thanks to Randy Rice for his efforts.

The inscription reads:
Airborne Sappers

1 Airborne Troop,
RCE 1952 - 58

1 Airborne Field Squadron,
Cdn Airborne Regt 1968-77

Airborne Grouping,
2 CER 1977-93

Airborne Engineer Platoon,
Cdn Airborne Regt 1993-95

The list of donors
Gerry Duguid
Chilliwack BC
Doug Foreman
Victoria BC
John MacPherson
Chilliwack BC
 Tom Walton
Chilliwack BC
Brian Crow
Winnipeg MB
Mark Saulnier
Kingston ON
Colonel Dave Burke
Beijing China
Gord Forth
Ottawa ON
Brad Schmidt
Cambridge ON
LColonel CD Wright
Edmonton AB
Randy Rice
Barrie ON
C.A.F.A Huronia Branch
Barrie ON
        C.A.F.A. = Canadian Airborne Forces Association