1 Airborne Troop RCE

1952 - 58

The 1946 Canadian/US Basic Security Plan (BSP) called for Canada to have a battalion combat team prepared to respond to a possible Soviet threat. To fulfill this requirement, an airborne/air-transportable active-force brigade was to have been created.

Finally in 1948, the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) Battalion in Calgary became the first active-force infantry regiment to undergo parachute and air-transportability training

In 1950, the Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR's) transferred to airborne status, while the Royal 22nd Regiment (R22eR - the Van Doos) did so in 1951. The three infantry units, along with similarly trained support arms became Mobile Strike Force (MSF). 

In 1950, 23 Field Squadron RCE - located at Camp Chilliwack BC, starts to form a troop trained in the Airborne role to give support to Mobile Strike Force. By 1951 the unit has almost a troop of jumpers. However as the Squadron is slated to go to Korea, thus the airborne element is segregated from the Squadron. 1 Airborne Troop RCE is formed in January 1952 at Camp Chilliwack. Some Engineers returning from Korea join the troop.

The last airborne undertaking by 23 Field Squadron occurred in November 1951, when a Squadron jump was organized on Sumas Prairie near Chilliwack.

When 23 Field Squadron returns from Korea in 1953, 1 Airborne Troop moves to Currie Barracks, Calgary Alberta. The troop is a solely independent unit with the same status as an infantry battalion. On 31 August 1958, 1 Airborne Troop RCE is disbanded at Currie Barracks, with the termination of the MSF.

In the mid 1960's there is a jump troop within 1 Field Squadron, at Camp Petawawa Ontario. Many of these jumpers joined the Canadian Airborne Regiment during the summer of 1968. 

(Note 1 Field Squadron is the former 23 Field Squadron. The unit did a tour of Korea, was renamed, rotated to West Germany and then rotated back to Camp Petawawa.)

Formed on 9 January 1952 at Camp Chilliwack
Relocated to Calgary in 1953
Disbanded on 31 August 1958

Troop Commanders

Lt. (Capt) W.J. Dickson 1952
Capt A. B. MacDonald 1952 - 1954
Lt (Capt) G. K. Wells 1954 - 1955
Lt (Capt) N. Henderson 1955 - 1956
Capt J. G. Forth 1956 - 1958
Capt I. R. Ballantyne 1958


Troop SSgt

SSgt J Mitges 1952
SSgt D. Granger