1 Airborne Field Squadron

1968 - 77

Action in the 1950's (the 1956 Suez Crisis) pushed forward the notion of an Army rapid-reaction capability. The 1964 White Paper suggested a global and very mobile force which could meet potential conflicts in the quickest possible time.

By 1966 the Army (FMC) reviewed the establishment of an airborne Regiment capable of rapidly being sent to danger zones. After much evaluation the Canadian Airborne Regiment was established. The unit was established 8 April 1968. Colonel Don H. Rochester, a military engineer, was the initial commander of the Regiment.

Subunits of the Regiment included:

Airborne Headquarters & Signal Squadron
1 and 2 Commando
1Airborne Field Battery &
1 Airborne Field Squadron
Airborne Service Company

1Airborne Field Squadron

Formed 8 April 1968 at Edmonton, Alberta

Commanding Officers Sgt Majors
Major F.J. Wawrychuk 1968-1969 MWO R.J. Linley 1968-1969
Major A.A. Humphreys 1969-1970 A/SSM WO D. Miller 1969-1970
Major Y. Looper 1970-1972 MWO E.V. Marks 1970-1974
Major J.D.S. Harries 1972-1974 MWO/CWO J.R. McGillivary 1974-1976
Major J.D. Harris 1974-1976 MWO D. Miller 1976-1977
Major G. Wesko 1976-1977

Disbanded 15 July 1977