CF convert containers into living quarters for ANA

Saturday, August 27, 2011, Capt Susan Magill, Army News, Media Operations Public Affairs Officer, Joint Task Force Afghanistan. Project Number: 11-0506

Kandahar, Afghanistan — Members of the Mission Transition Task Force (MTTF) are converting 19 sea containers, commonly known as seacans, into modular barracks for soldiers of the Afghan National Army (ANA). These seacans will have electricity, built-in bunk beds, air conditioning and heat.
The Seacan Accommodation Conversion project began with a sample built by the engineers of Rotation 10, the last combat rotation in Afghanistan. MTTF engineers then conceived a plan based on the sample and allocated duties to complete the work.

Tradespersons involved in conversion

Those converting the seacans include carpenters, plumbers, refrigeration technicians, an electrician and field engineers. Most have deployed from 1 Combat Engineer Regiment based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

Carpenters measured and cut wood studs, doorsills and wall plates for the wall framing installed inside the seacans. Plywood sheets were then hung on the framing to form interior walls and double-walled bunk beds were constructed of plywood and 2x4 lumber. Each container can accommodate eight to ten bunks.

Once the interior carpentry was completed, the lighting and power outlets were wired and connected, and the air conditioning and heating system was installed. A single plug to a generator provides the seacan with power. “The system cools and heats,” said MCpl Brian Standing, a refrigeration and mechanical technician. “All the parts are common to the region so it’s easy for the ANA to use and replace parts.”

Finishing touches include an air vent, a metal floor plate for the potbelly stove used by Afghan soldiers to cook meals and heat water, and a door set in a frame to give the open-ended seacan a proper entrance.

Three seacans have already been adapted as ablutions facilities to accompany the 19 accommodation seacans that, when finished, will easily house 160 ANA soldiers. The modular barracks will be delivered to the ANA upon completion.

MTTF closing down combat mission

The MTTF is responsible for closing down the combat mission in Kandahar Province. Comprising 1,867 CF personnel—848 of whom belong to Land Force Western Area—the members of MTTF deployed to Kandahar Airfield last month and will remain there until December 2011.

These skilled military tradespersons of all ranks are in Afghanistan to deal with the administrative, supply, communication, material management and movement challenges required to close down Operation ATHENA in Kandahar Province.

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