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Hello my name is John MacPherson, and I'm a retired Canadian Armed Forces Warrant Officer. After 29 years, as a Field Engineer with the Canadian Military Engineers, I retired in the summer of 1995.

I had joined the Canadian Army in Feb. 1967, my centennial project :). The description of the many tasks that a Field Engineer did, attracted me to the trade. Those many tasks include building bridges, building roads, laying minefields, building accommodations, driving trucks, operating radios, using explosives. Sounds like a these guys could do anything.

During my career I was with the following units during the years indicated:

Upon retiring, I took a Micro-Computer Business Application Programme at Sprott-Shaw Business College, in Chilliwack B.C., from Sept. '95 to Feb. '96. Upon completion of my programme, I was offered a job as an instructional assistant, gradually  becoming an instructor. For a while I was the Director of the Chilliwack campus, however my forte' is instructing in the classroom, thus I relinquished the Director's job, and returned to the classroom once again.

The many subjects that I instruct include: Introduction to Computers/Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Bookkeeping, Business Math, Maximizer, ACCPAC, Simply Accounting and QuickBooks Pro. Business courses such as Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, e-commerce, and Leadership are also taught by me.

Currently I am the senior business instructor on the Abbotsford Campus, and serve as a the Team Leader for the Bookkeeping and Computerized Accounting courses. In this role I have prepared course material (e.g. day plans, assessments) and serve as an advisor to instructors on other Sprott Shaw campus'.

My interests include Country Music -  I had a daily half hour country music program on CFN (Canadian Forces Network) radio while in Germany, Engineer history (prior to it's departure from Chilliwack, I had spent many hours as volunteer at the Canadian Military Engineer Museum), comic books (6000+), the Trans-Canada Trail and science fiction programs/movies such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who.

From 1995 - 2000, I was on the executive, of ValleyNet, which was a free community network providing basic internet access to the communities of Abbotsford, Agassiz, Chilliwack, Mission in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.

When the newly formed Canadian Military Engineers Association (CMEA) was formed in November 2000, I was invited to serve on the executive. My position was Divisional Vice President Communications and Information Systems (DVP CIS). Part of these duties include development and implementation of a web site for the association. In association with others, I serve as a web master. For a time I was the President of the Chilliwack Chapter CMEA. Since November 2009, I have been the National President of the Association.

Since the early 2000's, I have been a member of the Retired Sappers Reunion (Chilliwack). Serving as Treasurer from September 2002 to August 2006, and as Committee Chair from September 2006 to September 2008.

From May 2008 - August 2010, I was the Financial Officer for Branch 280, Royal Canadian Legion in Vedder Crossing, BC.

8 October 2011

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