Shut down the track
Shut down the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit in North Cowichan, Duncan BC. View area on Google maps.
The only thing this track brings to our community is...
  • Unimaginable noise levels.

  • Devalued house property.

  • Poisoned air and ground water.

  • Angry residents.

Shut down the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit


Q: What kind of heartless, soulless, immoral, inconsiderate, uncivilized people does it take to move an operation into a area that they know will disturb and disrupted the lives of others, without a care in the world.

A: Anyone who has anything to do with The Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit

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Sahtlam Neighbourhood Association

Official Press Release

June 9, 2017


JUNE 8, 2017-- DUNCAN, BC

A Cowichan Valley neighbourhood group has had enough of intrusive and excessive noise from the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit (VIMC) and has filed a Notice of Civil Claim with the BC Supreme Court. The claim alleges that VIMC is creating substantial and unreasonable noise that violates provincial nuisance laws.

The Sahtlam Neighbourhood Association (SNA) has spent months seeking action from VIMC and the Municipality of North Cowichan to address the noise issues caused by VIMC, which opened in April 2016. The private motorsport facility was approved and constructed without public consultation and no requirements for noise mitigation. VIMC has publicly stated that it plans to expand operations, and residents want action before the situation gets worse.

Area residents say that the sound of race cars speeding around the track can be heard most days of the week, often for hours at a time, and has negatively impacted their quality of life and their property values. “Our lives have been turned upside down since the VIMC track opened a year ago” states local ER physician and SNA president Isabel Rimmer. “We have shift workers in our community, including first responders, who have difficulty sleeping because of race track noise. The peace and quiet of our rural neighbourhood has been destroyed by the activities of an elite few - they come here and make noise, and then they go home to their quiet neighbourhoods elsewhere.”

The Notice of Civil Claim also alleges that errors were made by the Municipality of North Cowichan that resulted in the track being approved and constructed in an area that is not appropriately zoned for such use. The SNA presented this information at a Committee of the Whole Meeting on March 23, 2017 but the Municipality has since refused to comment on the matter. The SNA is asking the court to determine whether the zoning is appropriate, and they are seeking injunctive relief in the form of a court order that would prevent VIMC from using the facilities for such activities.

To download a copy of our Press Release, please click here.

We need to get together to shut down the track.

This place is a plaything for ONLY the rich. It's NOT for you.

To contact the mayor and councillors, please call (250) 746-3100, or e-mail

What was the council thinking when they allowed this atrocities in our town?

I'd like to ask a simple question to everyone. Who wants a race track in their neighborhood? Nobody on this planet, that's who. We deserve the same rights and privileges as everyone else gets in their neighborhood.

The noise bylaw states. "No person shall make nor allow to be made any noise that disturbs the quiet, peace, rest, enjoyment, comfort, or convenience of any person or persons in the neighborhood or vicinity, whether by any animal, vehicle, conveyance, vessel, machinery, equipment, device, or activity." Also. "Using an engine or motor vehicle without a muffler or other device which would prevent excessive noise therefrom, or so out of repair, or equipped in such a way as to disturb the quiet, peace, rest, enjoyment, comfort, or convenience of any person or persons in the neighborhood or vicinity;"
Except we don't get those privileges.

Let's not forget the ground water that WILL be poisoned with gas and oil and antifreeze that will leach into MY groundwater. This is a crime against nature.

These people have no respect or empathy towards the people in our Valley. What kind of people would continue to agitate and disturb when they know they are NOT WANTED or WELCOME here.

Only criminals, narcissist and sociopaths think it is OK to disrupt everyone's lives to make a profit. This is your chance to fight back.

Silence is Consent


More ways to get involved.

This is our city people.

Let's not let a group of people stay here and destroy the peace and beauty of our valley.

A typical day in my neighborhood is like this...

More track noise videos.

Sahtlam Neighbourhood Association

A message to the privileged few who do frequent this track.


Shut down the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit

SHUT DOWN THE Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit TRACK in North Cowichan, Duncan BC.