Clayton 2013

About My Music

I compose, arrange, play all the instruments, record and produce all the music myself. My musical curiosity knows no bounds

I utilize all sorts of mixed styles when composing my music.


Progressive Rock, World Beat, Reggae, Experimental, Orchestral, Jigs, Ambient, Tech-No, Latin, Eastern, Techno-Billy

Late 70's Ealy 80's

Creating ...

...music for me, starts with a blank page, with no rules, no convictions, no set ways and trends or bygone rules of sort. No impressions of the past or presumption of the presumed future by some mover or shaker type or corporate induced profit incentive machine driving and skiving force. No one or no outside entity influence interfering or telling me what to do or how to do it. No direction but to go on further with my concept of innovative sounds of pleasure, melody, harmony and rhythmic intrigues.



I have updated, remixed and re-scored some of my songs as I do on a regular basis. I always find new voices that I think better suit the song. Then I do a new remix of the whole song. Forever moving on with what I discover. My songs grow as time does, because nothing is perfect and must be improved as we learn more.
All my videos are now in ( W i d e s c r e e n HD )
I am currently working on some new music, concepts and video projects. And as always, trying to master or control new software and tools of the trade, just so the kids don't have all the fun.

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