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War Is Over
War Is Over

John and Yoko's peace (War is over) campaign

Happy Xmas (War Is Over) was a number two chart hit for the late John Lennon back in 1971. All these years later the words of the song are even more relevant.

Former-Beatle Lennon was calling for World Peace and was saying that war would be over when enough people wanted it to cease. The power was with the people not the governments. What John Lennon said then rings just as true today.

John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono have become icons as peace campaigners. The celebrity couple staged many high profile publicity events with the purpose of talking about peace.

John Lennon's Give Peace a Chance, released in 1969, by The Plastic Ono band on Apple Records had become an earlier statement of what he believed in. It reached number two in the British singles charts and has become an anthem for peace campaigners.

Lennon argued that people thought the world was run by governments and blame them for the problems we all see but we forget that it is the same people who vote for and support these governments. The real power lies with the people. Power To The People gavehimanother hit in 1970 when the song which again spells out John Lennon's simple message reached number six in the charts.

Lennon explained that what he and Yoko wanted to see was for people all over the world to come together on wanting peace. They wanted to see people talking about peace, working for peace, praying for peace, thinking about peace, publicising peace, doing whatever came to mind for the cause of peace.

John and Yoko wanted people to get into the idea of "War Is Over" and to state it, believe it, shout it, display it. The idea was that if enough people all want world peace then it will be. If enough people believe that war is over then we will have a peaceful world.

The couple wanted to see people displaying posters stating WAR IS OVER. If enough people got the message it would work - that was their idea.

John and Yoko wanted Peace as their Christmas present to everyone, he says how the mutual thing he and Yoko had found from their love for each other was PEACE!

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