Educational Bananas

by Anna Banana

Mailart Then and Now

A little history, and a lot of hands-on.

Creating works for exchange in the Eternal Network. This workshop starts with an introductory illustrated talk which covers the origins of mail-art and it's development as a dynamic, international community through the 70's and 80's. This gives workshop participants a perspective into a field of artistic activity that has brought pleasure, stimulation and a sense of community to thousands of individuals throughout the western world.

The Popular Art of Postal Parody

Techniques and guidelines in creating Artistamps.

An introduction to the field of postal-type stamps by artists, with samples or images, a book of stamp sheets produced by artists which includes envelopes mailed by artists using their stamps, and several publications with stamps tipped-in which demonstrates a unique application of the artistamp; to provide color highlights and additional layers to the book.

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