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INTERNATIONAL ART POST (IAP) is a cooperatively published periodical of full-colour, gummed and pin-hole perforated stamps by artists. Sheets and blocks are by a mix of artists working to a common format, or by one individual who purchases a block space for their own works. Artists receive 500 copies of their stamp or block, and Banana Production retains the remainder of the edition (of 1000 copies) for inclusion in the Artistamp Collector's Album (ACA), promotional samples, and sale. As of 2001, the edition size has been reduced to 700 copies.

All issues of INTERNATIONAL ART POST are also available in loose sheets, with each edition containing several sheets or blocks

All Prices are quoted as US Dollars

  • Sheets of 36 stamps - $10 each
  • Blocks of 12, 15, 18 or 20 stamps - $8 each
  • Blocks of 8 or 9 stamps $6 each
  • Blocks of 6 stamps - $4 each
  • Blocks of 3 stamps for $3 each
  • Sheet of 36 triangles & squares - $12 each

Limited quantities IAP stamps by Anna Banana
are also available:

Write for a more detailed listing of IAP issues or order a complete set of all 25 editions (individually valued at over $500,) for $250 (USD).

As quantities are limited on some editions, please e-mail your order to Anna Banana by clicking on the enveloped:

You will be notified as to the availability of issues ordered as well as the exact shipping, handling and insurance charges for quantities ordered. Shipment will be sent upon receipt of your cheque or money order made payable to: Anna Banana and sent to:

Anna Banana
3747 Highway 101
Roberts Creek, BC


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