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Anna Banana has participated in many exhibitions. Here is a selection of some of them.
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Exhibitions curated by Anna Banana


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The Popular Art of Postal Parody

Curated from Banana's extensive collection of stamps by artists (artistamps). The Popular Art of Postal Parody consists of 164 sheets of artistamps and 38 envelopes on which these stamps have been used and mailed. Others can be added if space allows. Works are from 62 artists active in the IMAN from Canada, USA, France, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, New Zealand, Germany, Holland, Russia, Denmark, Japan, Argentina, Norway and Spain. Ten of Banana's own editions and 16 other sheets are matted and framed, while the remainder of the works are presented in clear plastic sheet protectors.

Interactive Elements that stimulate local interest/involvement;

1. To enter a draw, visitors write postcards (provided) to artists in the exhibition, commenting on their work, and/or by entering the stamp design contest. The postcards are mailed to the artists to whom they were addressed, along with a copy of the exhibit invitation and news clippings/reviews about the exhibit. Prize: a matted/framed stamp sheet by Banana.

2. Stamp Design Contest to be advertised in the gallery's newsletter/on the invitation and in local media. When this exhibit was show in Sechelt, there were 48 entries, and in Victoria, 39 entries were received. The cost of producing the stamp edition is covered by the $10 entry fee. Constants submit a B&W design in the specified format, and if chosen for reproduction, they receive 100 copies of their own stamp; all who enter the contest receive a sheet of the stamps, and the host gallery receives the remining sheets for fund raising or publicity.

Background of the Curator

Anna Banana has been active in the International Mail-art Network for 40 years, exchanging works with artists all over the world. Since 1988, she has been producing full-colour, printed stamp editions as the periodical, International Art Post , and between 1991 and '96, eight editions of Artistamp News. Through these and earlier network publishing activities, she has received, in response to her mailings, an enormous amount of work in the mail-art genre.

The National Postal Museum of Canada purchased a sampling of 400 pieces of mail-art from Banana's collection in 1995, Some 30 sheets of her personal stamp editions were purchased in 1988 and 1991 by the Art Bank of Canada, and were, according for former director Bill Kirby, in popular demand in their art rental program. In the April 25, 2000 article ART IN OFFICE in the National Post, Jonathan Gatehouse reported that Banana's stamp sheet "20 years of Fooling Around with A. Banana," (reproduced in the article) was rented by the Liberal Caucus Research Office in the Parliament buildings, Ottawa, for an annual fee of $84! Two of Banana's articles on artistamps are published in the AIGA Journal; American Institute of Graphic Arts 1995, and in the magazine Rubberstampmadness May/June 1997. Anna was a special consultant for the book Artistamps/Francobolli d'Artista, published in English and Italian.

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