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This yet-to-be published parody of the Encyclopedia Britanica, has been in the works for 40 years. The materials, for the most part sent by mail-art networkers from Canada, the USA, Australia, England, Europe and Japan, is comprised of newspaper and magazine articles, photos, artworks, posters, postcards advertising and many 3-dimensional objects.

Through this lengthy research process, it has become apparent that the banana is a lot more than a tasty fruit snack. The sociological and psychological implications are enormous, humorous, and highly entertaining. The banana has permeated every aspect of contemporary life, as you can see from the chapter heads under which the source materials are filed:

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While the Bananica awaits connection with the publisher who can see and appreciate the vast appeal of this volume, we are still accepting material for inclusion. After 40 years of research and collecting, most of the factual information regarding growing, marketing, nutrition and recipes has been covered. However, we're always interested in news items that involve bananas, even if the banana is not the subject of the story. For example - the robbery that was conducted using a banana inside a paper bag as a mock gun; any "slanguage" involving bananas, such as B.A.N.A.N.A - Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone.

Even if you think we may already have it, we're always interested to see who's using it, where it appears, etc. PLEASE include the name and date of the newspaper or magazine in which it appeared. We're also interested in your personal anecdotes; family stories or history that involves bananas. PLEASE WRITE NAME and DATE of PUBLICATION on any clippings sent

To receive your Degree of Bananology, please mail your stories, images, photos, etc., together with a S.A.S.E. (from the USA enclose an IRC - International Reply Coupon, from your post office) to:

Encyclopedia Bananica
Specific Research Institute
3747 Sunshine Coast Highway
Roberts Creek, BC

and in return you will receive your
Master's Degree of Bananology
which qualifies you to


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